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What Walkie Talkies do Police Use?


What Walkie Talkies do Police Use?

I guess you’re one of those who ask the question- what walkie talkies do Police use? Well, in this article, we shall be giving your the perfect answer.

It is common knowledge that walkie-talkies are basically used in communicating very rapidly. They come in handy when people are looking to communicate and do not want to rely on cell phones. With a walkie-talkie, people in areas where network coverage might be poor or non-existent can speak to one another in real-time. 

Walkie-talkies are used by various people and are associated with some professions. They are usually used by public safety officers, firefighters, and law enforcement agencies to help them respond swiftly to emergencies and to help in communicating with other officers.

While the average person is allowed to make use of a walkie-talkie, policemen usually do not make use of the same walkie-talkies that average people use. This is due to the demands of their jobs. Unlike regular people that can make use of just any walkie talkie that they come across, people in the police force have to make use of walkie talkies that come with features that help them do their job efficiently. Also, the right walkie talkie for security officers comes with effective security features.  That’s not all. Since they have to communicate very rapidly and effectively, they will need to make use of walkie-talkies that they can use in communicating without any interruptions. 

When getting a walkie talkie for commercial purposes, you might need one that can help you communicate fast. However, you might not have a need for a walkie-talkie that comes with special security features. While regular walkie-talkies and some commercial walkie-talkies come with great features, they just might not be good enough for police officers as there are several; differences between walkie-talkies for police officers and walkie-talkies for regular people. 

What Walkie Talkies do Police Use?

What Walkie Talkies do Police Use: What you must consider when buying a Police Walkie Talkie

The right walkie-talkies for police are considered good for the police force because of their features. So, when looking to get the right walkie-talkie for police use, there are lots of things you need to consider. Some of them are;


It is possible to tweak a walkie-talkie’s operating range. This can be done by effective programming.  With programming, different departments can have customized channels. The ability of a walkie talkie to be programmed can help the police in several ways. Some of these ways are, that it can help the radio last longer, it helps in dealing with dead spots on the job, and it goes a long way in boosting connectivity when dealing with emergencies.

Walkie-talkies made for police use do not come preprogrammed.  Also, to be programmed, they need special software. That’s not all. Programming a walkie-talkie for police use is something that can be done by only experts. This is due to the fact that talk groups have to be developed within the radio. Also, a programming cable is needed for this to be done. When trying to program several radios and do not have ample time on your hands, you can go on to get a cloning cable. With this, you can take advantage of duplication to make the [process less burdensome.


Unlike walkie-talkies for commercial use or for regular use, walkie-talkies that were designed for police use come with special accessories like radio holsters, surveillance earpieces, speaker microphones, etc. With speaker microphones, policemen get to enjoy easy access to PTT. They will not need to pick up the walkie-talkie. Furthermore, the presence of radio holsters means the radio can be protected from damages that are associated with the rigours of policing. Additionally, undercover units can get a lot from surveillance earpieces that are attached to the radio. These earpieces can help them communicate properly without being noticed. 

Encryption and Security

As a police officer, a lot of the information you share on your walkie-talkie is classified and should not be heard by non-officers. Due to this, the right walkie-talkies for policemen have to be encrypted. With encryption, hackers will be unable to gain access to the information that is being shared. 


Police radios cannot be used without the right license. While there are radios that can be used without any license, these walkie talkies are not good enough for police officers. The best walkie talkies for police use need an FCC license before they can be used. This license is worth $70 and is valid for a decade. 

How Long has the Police Used Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies might seem synonymous with the police. However, a couple of decades ago, they were not exactly associated with the police.  When Walkie talkies first came on the scene, they were made for field pilots.  However, as time went on and the Second World War started, they became associated with the military.  The fact that they were used by the military during the Second World War means they can be used by people in the force.  

When walkie talkies first came on the scene, they were very bulky. Nonetheless, over the years, they have become more portable and efficient. Also, they have gone beyond an instrument that can be used at the war front to one that can be used to ensure public safety. Since police officers are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring public safety, it is only normal that they make use of walkie talkies. 

In the initial stages of their use by police officers, police officers or patrol vehicles with a single walkie talkie had a single channel that linked them back to the force headquarters. In as much as this worked, it was associated with quite a number of drawbacks.  One of the major drawbacks was it was impossible to send info to several units at the same time. 

Can a Regular Person Buy a Police Walkie Talkie?

The aim of buying a police walkie talkie for several people is to eavesdrop on police transmission. Well, to do this, you might not necessarily need to get a police walkie talkie. You simply need to get a police radio scanner. With the right scanner, you get to tune into police frequencies.  If you want to avoid buying a scanner, you can tweak a walkie talkie. While you might succeed at listening to police transmissions, if you transmit across a police frequency, you could get into trouble.

What Channel is Set Aside for Police Use

Policemen make use of special walkie talkies. Beyond simply making use of special walkie talkies, they do not transmit information on just any frequency. They transmit information on channels that can only be accessed after a license. In the absence of a license, if you transmit on a frequency made for policemen either on purpose or by mistake, you could get into a lot of trouble. 

Do Cops All Over the World Make Use of Walkie Talkies?

While walkie-talkies are strongly associated with policemen in the United States, they are not only used by police officers in the US. In various parts of the world, the police force uses walkie-talkies as their primary source of communication.

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