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what is vox on walkie talkie


Vox is a built-in feature on the Motorola Talkabout T5 Portable radio. It works like a headset for your walkie-talkie, so you can say something and others will hear it.

What Does VOX Mean on Your Two-Way Radio?

It’s called VOX, allowing you to transmit your voice without pressing any buttons on the radio. This feature can be useful when you don’t want to remove your hands from driving or operating machinery.

It’s easy to use: Simply press and hold any button on your two-way radio until you hear a tone indicating that VOX transmission has been activated. Here’s a video

Can I Use My Two-Way Radio with a Headset?

The simple answer is yes. You can use your two-way radio with a headset. However, it will be dependent on the type of headset you choose and the type of radio you purchase. If you want to use an earpiece or boom microphone, then you will need to purchase a radio with a built-in speakerphone option or a separate speakerphone device that can be connected to your radio. This will allow you to speak into the mic on your headset and have your voice come through the earpiece and speakerphone device.

If you want to use a full headset, then it is recommended that you purchase one that is compatible with your specific model of two-way radio. Most Motorola models do not come with headsets included in the box and must be purchased separately. If you have an older model without this feature and want to use one, then there are options available such as Bluetooth headsets or wired headsets with adapters that allow them to connect directly into the jack on your device.

what is vox on walkie talkie

What Are The Different Types Of Vox And How Do They Work?

Vox is a voice activated system that allows you to talk and listen without having to press a button. There are two different types of vox:

The first type is the standard vox, which is the most common type of vox. This type uses your voice to activate various functions on your walkie-talkie such as changing channels, turning volume up or down, squelch control and more. To use standard vox all you have to do is speak into the microphone and then wait for commands to be executed or ask questions such as “what channel am I on?”

The second type of vox system is called Quick Talk-through mode (QT). This allows users who are talking over each other in regular conversation mode gets cut off when someone else tries speaking into their microphone so they can get their point across before they’re interrupted again

How to Choose the Right Two-Way Radio.

If you’re looking to buy a walkie talkie, there are several features that will make your choice easier.

  • Look for a radio with the features you need. If you’re going camping or hunting and want to keep in touch with your family members, choose one with long range communication capabilities. If you want it for everyday use around the house, look for hands-free operation so that both hands are free while talking on the phone.
  • Choose a radio that is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Find one with buttons arranged logically and clearly labeled so there’s no confusion about which button does what; this will help avoid any awkward moments where someone accidentally calls an ex-girlfriend instead of just calling back their mom! And don’t forget ergonomics—how well does it fit in your hand? Does it feel good when held up against your ear? Make sure whatever model you choose feels good before making the purchase!
  • Choose a radio that is durable enough for everyday wear-and-tear but also affordable enough not break the bank if something should happen (although hopefully nothing ever does). Some models come equipped with waterproofing or shockproofing qualities beyond what most people need from their walkie talkies–just be aware of this feature so as not overspend unnecessarily!

Why Use VOX Over PTT

The VOX function on a radio is great for handsfree use, but it’s not the best way to communicate during an emergency. If you’re in a situation where someone needs to be able to hear you clearly and quickly, using the PTT (push-to-talk) button is much better than using VOX.When you are out in the field and need to be able to hear what is going on around you, use VOX instead of PTT. This will allow you to conserve your battery life by not having your walkie talkie constantly transmitting. If someone else speaks into the channel, then it will automatically switch over from VOX mode back into PTT mode.

Here are three reasons why:

1. You can keep both hands on the wheel or handlebars. With VOX, your hand may be off the radio while you’re talking. This could make it difficult to operate your vehicle safely if there’s an emergency situation.

2. You can communicate faster with PTT than with VOX. The PTT button allows you to talk at any time without having to wait for someone else to finish talking first — which is especially important in an emergency situation when time is of the essence!

3. There are no misunderstandings about who said what with PTT. When more than one person wants to speak at once, we tend to have problems understanding each other on VOX radios because we can only hear one person at a time — even if we try pushing our own transmit buttons simultaneously.

How to set up a VOX headset

Let’s start with the basics of how VOX works.

  • Turning it on: On most headsets, you’ll find a button marked “VOX” which you can press and hold to activate VOX. When the headset is in VOX mode, any audio that comes from the person wearing it will be broadcast through your radio. To turn off VOX mode and resume normal operation, simply press and hold this button once again.
  • Adjusting sensitivity: If you’re having trouble with noise interference while using VOX technology, there are a few things you can do to remedy this problem without having to purchase another wireless headset system. Most often, adjusting the sensitivity setting on your existing device will help solve issues such as these!

how to use vox on walkie-talkie

To use Vox on your Motorola walkie-talkie:

  • Place the PTT or VOX button on the side of your radio.
  • Press and hold down the PTT or VOX button for one second until it beeps, then release. This turns it off again.
  • If you’re using PTT, press and release the PTT button to speak into your two-way radio while still holding down the VOX button. You’ll hear a tone when you’re clear to talk (and others will hear you). To cancel this function, simply press and release either button again – but don’t hold them down!

how to turn off vox on walkie talkie

Vox on walkie talkie is a feature that allows users to communicate using voice commands. It can be turned off in your phone’s settings or by disabling the Google Assistant on your phone.

Turning off vox on walkie talkie

Here’s how:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad

Tap Privacy & Location Services

Scroll down until you see Talkie and tap it

Switch the Voice Call switch to OFF

Which Two-Way Radios Have VOX

VOX is a feature that allows you to talk without pressing the Talk button. It’s like having a built-in voice activated microphone that only allows you to transmit when your mouth opens, making it a great feature for hands free operation.

VOX is available on many two-way radios and some cordless phones. Not all two way radios have VOX capability though, so be sure to check the specifications before buying your next radio.

How do I use VOX on my Motorola walkie talkie?

If you have a Motorola walkie talkie, then you can use VOX to turn on and off the speaker.

  • To turn on VOX: Hold the PTT button (push-to-talk) until the Walkie Talkie beeps twice.
  • To turn off VOX: Hold down the PTT button until it beeps twice again or until you hear two beeps when your voice is spoken into it.

Why Mag One Radios by Motorola Are a Great Value.

These days, it’s hard to get a good value product. Mag One® radios by Motorola are a great value because they’re affordable, easy to use, durable, have a long battery life and good range. They also come with a good warranty and customer service.

What is the difference between iVOX and VOX?

You may have heard of two different voice activation features on your radio. iVOX and VOX are both ways to power up your device by speaking into the microphone, but they work in slightly different ways.

iVOX is a feature that allows users to turn their radios on and off by simply speaking into the microphone. When you hear the tone, say “power” or “on,” and your radio will be powered up instantly!

Vox (or Voice Operated Transmission) is a feature that allows users to turn their radios on and off by pressing the PTT button. This can be helpful as an alternative method for those who are not comfortable using iVOX or who need more privacy when talking over their radios.”


VOX stands for voice activated transmission. It’s a feature that allows you to use your two-way radio without pressing any buttons. This mode of operation is especially useful when you need to keep both hands on something else—like steering wheel or handlebars—and still be able to communicate with other people nearby. VOX works by sensing sound levels around the microphone and transmitting only when there is enough background noise for it to think someone is talking at that moment in time.

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