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Uniden Home Patrol 2 Review (scanner)


The features of the Uniden Home Patrol 2 are quite impressive. Among all radio scanners, it is one of the very few scanners that on their websites, you’ll see referred to as ‘Simple Program Scanner’ and are programmed.

I am here to give you an unbiased Uniden HomePatrol-2 review based on my personal experience.

Not only is it simple to program, but the Uniden HomePatrol 2 also has essential features, like scanning, audio quality, and squelch functions among all that would make you forget about the fact that it is quite expensive.

Read along as I reveal to you, the good and the not so good side of the radio.

Features Of The Uniden Home Patrol 2

What Does It Looks Like?

The Uniden HomePatrol 3 is a simple little police scanner. It is 4.2 inches tall, and 3.8 6.43 inches. Just like the size of an average man’s palm. This radio scanner surprisingly has a full touch color display. I mean, like smartphones, it is a screen touch!

The screen is on the right-hand side of the front and has a speaker is right beside the screen. On the top are two buttons, a volume rocker, and a power button. 

On the right, there is a standard mini USB port to charge and program the radio. And below that is the GPS serial port.

On the left side of the radio, there is a port to attach the flex antenna that is included in the box.

 Other notable physical features of the police scanner include an SMA antenna connector, a Micro SD card slot (With included 4GB micro SD card), a GPS connection, a line out, and a headphone jack.


The Uniden HomePatrol 2 is quite different from any other police scanner on the market.

It is that scanner that makes you know that these radios are actually Radio Scanners and not just limited to what we all regard them as (Police scanners).

As it allows you to access communications systems used by Police, Military, Public Safety, Fire, Ambulance, Aircraft Weather, and more. The Uniden HomePatrol allows you access to streaming traffic that is not permitted on most police scanner phone applications.

An example of this is SWAT and other fascinating traffic that often gets very busy when The President of the United States visits the town.

Pre-installed Frequency Database

           One of the biggest problems with radio scanners (until recently) is that they always took a long time to program. And to program them, they also require additional software and cables.

And at times with professionalism. But the HomePatrol 2 has eased this step. It clears out people’s complain about police scanners being challenging to set up. It doesn’t require any programming at all.

It already has an inbuilt software to program it the moment you set it up automatically. 

           Setting the scanner up is very easy, regardless of whether you are a novice user looking for a simple but powerful first radio scanner, or you are an advanced operator who wants something worth spending years of experience on. 

You start by installing the batteries, connecting the antenna, and powering the scanner on. The next thing is to sit and watch the scanner tell you what to do.

The on-screen instructions are always easy to follow. The setup procedure will have you connect the scanner to your PC to update the database:

Enter in your name and contact info for the colorful screen, and enter your zip code to select appropriate channels and radio systems to listen to.

And the scanner automatically finds supported channels around your area for you, running at a speed of 100 channels per second. No sweat, no troubles.

With this, you are assured your time won’t be wasted looking for active RF signals, no matter the number of channels in your area. 

Recording And Replay

           The Uniden Homepatrol 2 has come with many amazing features that are quite impressive. Between the Replay and Mute buttons, the scanner has the record button.

A press of this allows you to record what you are listening to. And it not only replays recordings, it displays the channel that has the traffic on the colorful screen and also it’s unit information metadata — a great plus to transmission.


The radio scanner covers most of the conventional radio modes that are used right from the AM and FM to the APCO P25, EDACS, and LTR. It can cover as much as your area allows a radio to wrap. 

Its sensitivity allows me to occasionally pick up signals within 85 miles radius, without an external antenna!

That is as far as I was given. A friend claimed his’ went as far as a hundred mile. I undoubtedly believe that it would get up to 150 miles with an external antenna. So, that’s a considerable attractive range.


Well, the battery of the HomePatrol 2 is a real drawback, at least to me. It’s a little disappointing. You could get yourself alkaline batteries.

Although Alkaline batteries are an excellent supplement, the default charging time is about 14 hours. Because the integrated charger circuit of the HomePatrol uses a timer.

That’s saddening, for you would have to wait for 14 hours, whether the batteries still have a little power in them or it is completely discharged. 

Unboxing Your Package

           When you unbox your pack, you’ll be welcomed by the 1 point something pounds HomePatrol-2 Scanner, A flex Antenna, Desk Stand, USB Cable, 4 x AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, SMA to BNC Adapter.

Other Features of the Uniden HomePatrol 2

  • Receives all unencrypted, non-proprietary radio systems.
  • It has conventional analogue and P25 digital channels. 
  • An optional GPS receiver is also available. And allows the scanner to reprogram as your location changes automatically.
  • Weather Alert.
  • Crispy clear digital audio.
  • EDACS Networked (Wide/Narrow) 

The Good Things You’ll Like

  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to mount in a vehicle or desk.
  • Flexible. It can be carried about like a handheld.
  • Speedy scanning
  • Decent battery life
  • Record and replay with ease.
  • Everything needed is included in the box.
  • Nice user interface.
  • No third party installation.

The Not So Good: You May Not Like

  • Ac or Dc adapter is not included in the box.
  • Recharging batteries takes too long.
  • Difficult to manually add frequency not included in Radio Reference Database.

The Sum Up – Uniden Home Patrol 2 Review

The Uniden HomePatrol 2 is an answer to a massive part of your police scanner radio. If you’re not too over-ambitious.

It offers perfectly well and even more than what the majority of police scanners do. That may be part of what made it a little more expensive than the rest of the police scanners. But the price is worth it.

           By mounting this Uniden HomePatrol scanner inside your vehicle and connecting it to your car speakers to receive all the latest information while you are driving.

Or place it on a desk while you listen on the couch. And you may decide to dip it in your pocket and connect the headset. Listening while you jog in the morning.

The size and compatibility are a go. The ease of operation is satisfying. The colorful screen is delightful. 

A lot of words in this review can’t bring enough assurance until you test out the radio and find for yourself how the smile would warm up your face.

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