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Midland 75-822 review| Best CB Radio For Off-Roaders


Anyone who has traveled or gone hiking relying on a mobile phone or other conventional means of communication would know the generous use of the two-way radio. This article is an unbiased Midland 75-822 Review.

When I got the last radio for my friend’s company, an accident occurred, and my colleagues at work and I lost some of our radios. So they then decided to change it completely to get another kind of CB radio.

The first thing everyone did at the tourism center was, nominate me as a volunteer in testing out the Midland 75-882. They know I wouldn’t hesitate to change their minds if the radio wasn’t up to their standards.

And then, straight away, I felt it an opportunity to write a review to the public since people would also, like my colleagues, want to know how the radio works and why they should consider it.

As much as I’ve read about the reviews, many people have always gotten good news about it and are the managing director’s friend. I decided to test it out in real life.

I wouldn’t want to forfeit people’s trust in the Travel and Tours company’s reliable communication. But trust me, this is a real unbiased review about the radio.

Review of The Midland 75-822 CB Radio

midland 75-822 review

Appearance and design

The device has a relaxed compact shape. It has a black casing. The 75-822 is 9.4 inches long, 2.6 inches wide, and 6.7 inches deep. On the head is a very long external antenna.

This has a BNC that allows you to remove or attach the antenna easily. The relatively large backlit multifunction LCD screen makes it easy to read day or night.

It has a unique keypad lock feature (which I enjoy!) that ensures you can lock in your settings and prevent them from accidental changes.

It comes with everything you might need to communicate in a hurry, including a battery pack just if you wanted to run the unit in six AA batteries. It also has a cigarette lighter adapter for cars when the battery-free transmission is promptly needed.

When I unboxed my pack, I found the midland 75-822 radio, an AC wall adapter, an Alkaline battery compartment, a Rechargeable battery compartment, a mobile adapter, antenna, and the manual. I think that’s how it should be in every pack.

Features of the Midland 75-882

Battery/Power: When you open the pack, you will find something outstanding. They provided separate boxes for the rechargeable batteries and backup alkaline batteries.

That was thoughtful! It saved me the stress of having to scramble for my backup batteries shoved about in the glove compartment. 6 AA batteries power the radio. It also has a battery life extender feature.

And to even extend the battery life, the more you could toggle the high/low power setting provided in the radio settings. You could switch from 4 watts to 1 watt easily to save the battery.

Another thoughtful decision of Midland is the inclusion of the mobile adapter. You could insert this connected straight into your car’s cigarette port to operate the radio without using any battery.

You have to remove the battery pack and attach the adapter. Then, straight you are transmitting.

I also heard from a friend that you could use the adapter to connect a standard PL259 antenna via the adapter’s SO239 socket. Well, I haven’t checked that out. But, you can always drop that in the comment box if you have any.

Range: I was disappointed for the first time when I tried the radio out on the overambitious 5 mile range a colleague had told me about. Though you too could get up to 3-mile range as I did, if there were no obstructions at all.

But I nevertheless fixed that. And so can you. You get an external antenna with BNC connectors mounted on your vehicle if you are traveling, and you get up to 10 miles around you.

Provided there is no obstruction. Also, remember the longer your external antenna, the more range you get.

Auto Scan Feature: Almost all two-way radios have the auto-scan feature, and the 75-822 is no exception. It comes with a beautiful feature called the Active Channel.

The channel auto scan automatically scans all channels for activity, stopping on any active channel for five seconds, so you know what it has found. You then have the chance to save this as your favorite channel in the radio memory, and you can only save not more than five favorites.

You also don’t have to worry. When you switch on your radio, it starts right from the last channel you were transmitting on before powering off.

Aside from the auto-scanning ability, you’ll also have access to 40 exciting channels. Among them are 10 NOAA weather channels, which are indispensable if you are interested in spending a lot of time traveling.

You also get a free dedicated channel (channel 9) for emergencies and an information dedicated channel (Channel 19).

As a bonus, with the press of a few buttons, you can switch to dual monitoring. You could monitor the emergency channel with a different channel.

Static and White noise: The Midland 75-822 made a real-time effort in surprising me and everyone out there.

Instead of the strenuous job of waiting for the radio to sizzle before you can hear the message (Something familiar in some radios), Midland has created ease with the use of the squelch and Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL).

The squelch control and ANL ensure no background noise in the transmission could hinder you from hearing the message. It also provides strong signals once you are hooked on to a channel, regardless of the situation.

If not for the (In some cases, deliberate) little shortcomings of the 75-882, it would have been the best and most perfect radio. But, I think expecting perfection is just way too unrealistic.

Are you wondering what I mean by shortcomings? Here are the ones I figured out. First is the antenna. The antenna doesn’t give you a long-range transmission. At all. Not more than 3 miles.

Although I think that is deliberate, Midland has made it easy to change the antenna because knowing this might be an issue.

Another thing is, the antenna stops working when you power it through the battery adapter. So, when you remove the battery, expect to use an external antenna.

Other Notable Features of the Radio

  • Ease of access to Weather radio and emergency Channels.
  • Has four watts of output power.
  • One year of manufacturer’s warranty (Which I doubt you would ever consider)


  • Has an excellent easy to handle shape.
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Works well with vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Has Active channel features.
  • Has a functional dual monitoring feature.
  • Works well with an external antenna.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable even to small hands.


  • Requires external antenna for best result.


Suppose you are looking for a simple to operate a two-way radio, maybe as a non-trucker or trucker. Or just like myself, you need one for traveling and leisure communication, then getting this radio is not a loss.

You can power it with six AA batteries or charge it with the included cigarette port adapter. And it gives you immediate access to emergency channels.

Unfortunately, this review wouldn’t be able to picture the excitement of using a Midland 75-882 radio. If you have once used an ordinary walkie talkie, then you can distinguish the quality of this against others.

midland 75-822

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