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How to Use FM Radio in Mobile


In this article, I shall be taking you through how to use Fm radio in mobile phones.

A radio is one of the features built into a mobile phone by some phone producers to add more magnificence to a phone. The inclusion of this feature is appreciated by mobile phone users because it stands as a good replacement for a radio apparatus which is bulky and inconvenient to carry about. Unfortunately, many phone users have not discovered this amazing feature due to most mobile phones do not come with the radio app but come with an inbuilt radio receiver. If your mobile phone has an inbuilt radio receiver, all you need to do is to activate it. However, some phone producers have disabled the FM chips responsible for signal reception in phones, so not all phones have an inbuilt radio receiver.

How to use FM radio on mobile (with active data connection)

These techniques will eventually not work for some iPhone users because the producer of iPhones did not include FM chips into some of their creations. In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) encouraged Apple to activate FM chips on Apple phones but Apple did not welcome the idea. Apple responded to FCC saying that headphone jacks on iPhones don’t have the ability to receive signals even if they have FM chips and recently built iPhones don’t have an FM chip at all. Headphone jacks acts as an antenna to the radio. A phone can’t receive radio signals without a headphone, which is inserted into the headphone jack. Tragically, on December 2018, apple removed the “NextRadio” from Apple store, which is the app responsible for activating FM chips. Now luckily for Android users, many Android phones have an FM chip imbedded into them, so all these techniques will certainly work for almost all Android users. 

The techniques used to activate an FM radio in a mobile phone include:

Install the ” NextRadio” app

: The only way for you to activate your mobile FM radio is through an app known as NextRadio. To install this app.

  • Locate the mobile app store on your phone. Google play store for Android. 
  • Open the mobile app store.
  • Enter “NextRadio” in the search bar. A list of apps will appear.
  • Click on ” NextRadio free live FM radio”.  It has a picture of a blue radio.
  • Click on “install”.

Open the app:

  • Click on “open.” After you have done this, a message will be displayed saying “Lucky you! Your device is FM enabled so you can enjoy live, local FM radio”.
  • Insert your headphone. The wires of a headphone are so important because it serves as an antenna, so wireless headphones cannot act as an antenna. Slide next on your screen after connecting your headphone.
  • A slide will appear. Click on “I’m ready”. NextRadio will automatically search for local radio stations.
  •  A message will pop-up telling you to allow NextRadio access your location. Click on “allow” you can also choose to select “Deny”. If asked for your location again, you can choose ” Deny”. If you choose “Deny” ensure you choose “others” when you are asked to choose your local station.
  • Click “Local FM radio” or “Local Streams”. This is seen at the top of the screen. This will show you a variety of local stations. Choose a radio station. It might take sometime for it to load.
  • Click on the menu button. (The button with three vertical dots on the right of the top). Then select “Output to speaker”, if you don’t want to listen through your headphone.

How to use FM in mobile without active data connection.

In order for you to play a radio on your phone, you need data. But here are the ways to enjoy your mobile radio without an internet connection.

1) Download the NextRadio app. This is the only step that requires data.

2) Open the app and tap the menu button.

3) Select “settings”

4) Choose “FM only mode”. The toggle button will move to the right.

Why does this method work?

Once you enable the FM only mode, NextRadio will switch to the inbuilt FM radio receiver chip instead of using the internet.

How to play local stations in NextRadio

1) Insert your headphone.

2) Open the NextRadio app.

3) Click on the menu button.

4) Click on ” local FM radio”.

5) Select the station of your choice. If you have data the logo of the station will be displayed but if you don’t, just the station letter will show.

How to use NextRadio Basic Tuner

With the basic tuner, the time used in going through the list of stations is saved. Just like other FM radios, a tuner is used to locate the station you want. In NextRadio, you either use the tuner to tune the stations or you use the search function.

To use a basic tuner without active data on NextRadio

1) Insert your headphone.

2) Open the NextRadio app.

3) Click on the menu icon.

4) Select “Basic Tuner”.

5) Search for the station of your choice.

Click on – or + to adjust the volume.

Click the back or forward button until you find an active station that plays.

When your FM radio is not working? Try these techniques. They may solve the problem.

Once in a while, your radio might not work. Before applying these techniques, you must ensure you have done the needful.

  • Make sure your headphone is plugged in properly
  • Make sure you are in a location or spot where there is a good quality radio signal. Most times location is the problem.

When you are sure you have done these two things and your mobile FM radio is still not working. Try these following steps:

1. Always update your phone software when asked to.

Certain times a box will pop-up on your Android phone telling you to update your system, but sometimes we choose to ignore it. The operating system affects every aspect of your phone. An outdated operating system (OS) can be the major reason why your FM radio is not working.

Steps to update your OS

  • Connect to your Wi-Fi or data
  • Go to your phone “settings”
  • Choose “About Phone”
  • Click on “check for updates”
  • An update box will appear (if any update is available)
  • Click on “update”
  • Then select “install now”
  • In some Androids, the OS will reboot and install by itself, while some you have to choose the “reboot and install” option.
  • You have successfully updated your phone’s OS.

2. Clear data and Cache:

Data and cache can junk up your phone and reduce its effectiveness. To clear cache:

  • Click on “settings”
  • Select “apps and notifications”
  • Select “NextRadio” or FM radio (this is if your phone comes with a radio app) from the list of apps.
  • Select “storage and cache”
  • Click on “clear cache”. After some seconds, it will clear.
  • Click on “clear storage”
  • After some seconds, it will display ‘OB’.
  • Leave settings
  • Then plug in your headphone and launch your FM radio.
  • Reboot your phone

3. Reboot your phone:

Sometimes rebooting your phone may be all you need to solve the problem.

  • Delete all the tabs on your phone
  • Press and hold the power button until you see “swipe down to shut down” or ” swipe up to restart”
  • Select swipe up to restart
  • After your phone has started, plug in your headphone and your mobile radio


IPhones are incredible. It has many fun features more than another types of phones. But if you love listening to a radio and you want a handy device for listening to a radio, a mobile phone is the best option. I recommend that If you want to purchase a new phone, you can buy Android phones like Samsung, LG, Motorola etc.  that have similar features to an iPhone. But as always, the choice is totally up to you.

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