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How to Use Baofeng uv-5r Walkie Talkie


How to Use Baofeng uv-5r Walkie Talkie

Want to know how to use Baofeng uv-5r walkie talkie? This article covers everything you need to know.

There is a whole lot the average person can do with a walkie-talkie.  Different people use walkie talkies for different reasons and due to this, there are several types of walkie-talkies on the market. These walkie-talkies were designed for different purposes. So, they might vary slightly in the way that they can be used. Since the many walkie-talkies in the market vary slightly, the fact that you can use one walkie-talkie does not necessarily mean you will be able to use another. 

In this article, we will be shedding light on the Baofeng UV-5r walkie-talkie and how to use it.

How to Use Baofeng uv-5r Walkie Talkie

About the Baofeng uv-5r Walkie Talkie

This walkie talkie is a portable analogue two-way radio and came on the scene in 2012. Since being introduced into the walkie talkie market, the Baofeng UV-5r has enjoyed a great deal of success. Although some people are only familiar with the first generation of this walkie talkie, its second generation and third generation have been introduced into the market.

This product comes with 128 channels, has a long-lasting battery, is made of quality materials and offers a lot of value for money. Also, it was designed to be used with a license.

The Baofeng UV-5r walkie talkie comes with several features and this might make it a little difficult for the average person to use it. Well, if you already own this walkie talkie or are considering getting one but are not certain how to use it, you are on the right page. Let’s walk through the process of using this product. 

Knowing about the Buttons of the Baofeng UV-5r Walkie Talkie

This walkie talkie comes with quite a number of buttons. This means if you must make the most out of it, you will need to know about its entire buttons, what they do, and how to use them. The buttons on this walkie-talkie actually have letters on them to serve as a form of direction. However, they are simply acronyms. So, they might not make a lot of difference to anyone that is not used to the many acronyms that they come with.

Let’s take a look at some of the buttons that come with this walkie-talkie and what they can be used in achieving.

The Blue A/B Button

This button can help you move from the lower frequency to the upper frequency on this device’s screen. This product was designed to help you transmit information on a frequency while you are still listening to something at another frequency.  Generally, you will transmit on the lower frequency while listening on the upper frequency. 

The VFR/MR Button

This button is orange in colour and serves the simple purpose of changing your radio from channel mode to frequency mode and back. It simply plays the role of helping you move between frequency and channel mode.  When this walkie-talkie is in a particular mode, it gives you an announcement. Also, if you are not looking to wait for any announcement, you can get this information easily from its screen. 

The MONI Button

This button is quite little and was designed to help you with a few tasks. The major task that it was designed to perform is turning up this radio’s flashlight. If you press this button while the flashlight is already on, the flashlight can go into strobe light mode.  In this phase, if you want to turn off the flashlight, you simply need to press this button again. 

Pressing the MONI button once can help you turn on the flashlight. However, if you are not looking to turn on the flashlight, you can still make use of this button. The MONI button, when held down, will help get the ‘squelch’ open

The PTT button

It is almost obvious what the PTT button, also known as the Push to Talk button was designed to do. When looking to talk to someone at the other end with this walkie-talkie, the PTT button will make this possible. To make use of this button, you need to hold it down throughout the time you are talking. Once you are done talking, you can release it.  It is a very easy button to use.

The Call Button

This button is located on the left side of this walkie talkie and is orange in colour. It is the first button on the left side of this walkie talkie from the top.  It is used in turning on the broadcast FM’s transmitter.  The Call button was designed to help you listen to music with this device.  You can select radio stations by using the arrow keys. When you want to get out of the radio mode while with this device, you simply have to press the CALL button. 

The Volume/Knob

This button is used in changing the volume of this device and also in getting it on.  If you are looking to turn the radio on with this device, turning this knob clockwise will help you achieve that.  As you keep turning it clockwise, its volume increases. You can lower its volume by turning it anti-clockwise. 

Transmitting on one Frequency and Listening on Another

Walkie talkies that come with the capacity to help you listen to one frequency and transmit on another frequency are great.  However, beyond being generally good, they come in handy during emergencies. When dealing with a security situation or a disaster, this type of walkie-talkie is great. 

When in a security situation or a disaster, you can get people’s pleas for help one frequency. However, you might need to share this information with people on another frequency. So, having a walkie-talkie that can do this is great. That’s not all. When dealing with security situations, transmitting on one frequency and hearing on another frequency can come in handy when your message is intercepted. In a situation in which your message gets intercepted, the person hacking into your communication will not be able to make total sense of what is happening as they are only able to listen to one part of the conversation.

When looking to transmit on one frequency and listen on another with this walkie-talkie, you do not need to do anything that is too complex.

To get started, you will need to click on the A/B button. This will help you choose the frequency at the top and move it to the frequency that you desire. Also, you should click on the A/B button to choose the frequency that is at the button. This should be followed by altering it to the frequency that you are looking to speak.

It is important that when making use of this feature, the person at the other end must reverse these frequencies on their device. If you fail to do this, you will be unable to communicate.

Getting Your Walkie-Talkie Programmed to a Repeater

Just like cell towers for regular phones, in various parts of the world are antennas known as repeaters. While your radio can go far on its own accord, repeaters can help it go even further. So, to ensure that you are able to communicate with someone farther than your radio should be able to reach on its own accord, you will want to program several local repeaters to your walkie talkie. While there is a limit to the number of repeaters that you can program to a walkie talkie, the Baofeng UV-5r gives you the freedom of connecting to up to 128 repeaters. This means when you are in an area, you should be able to program all the repeaters in your area to your walkie talkie.

There are several ways to program the repeaters in an area into your Baofeng UV-5r and one of these ways is through the use o a program known as CHIRP. 

When you make use of the CHIRP in programming your Baofeng UV-5r, you are free to fill in all the details you have into the space provided. This space can be likened to a spreadsheet. Once you are done with this, you can get all the details that you need to be downloaded to your walkie-talkie with the right cabling.

If you are not looking to program your walkie talkie with a CHIRP, you can make use of the keypads on your walkie talkie. Going through this route is not so straightforward. So, there is the likelihood that you will be confused in the process. 

While this process might be quite complicated, if you follow the right steps, you will be able to get it done properly. Some of the steps are;

 Step One

You will need to set your radio into Frequency Mode. To get this done, you simply need to click on the VFO/MR button. Keep at this until the radio indicates that it is in a Frequency Mode.

Step Two

Every repeater comes with an output. The output of a repeater is the frequency that helps with transmission from a repeater. To get this done, click on the buttons dedicated to up and down arrow movements. You will need to select the MENU button after getting to the right frequency. 

Step Three

This is the stage where you type ‘26’. Once you do this, you are ready to get the frequency offset programmed. 

Step Four

Select the MENU button again. This should be followed by getting the needed frequency with the use of the arrow keys. Once you are done with this, proceed by clicking on MENU. This gives you the freedom to confirm your choices and save them. 

Step Five

To get things programmed in the offset direction, you have to type ‘25’. You will need to save this move by clicking on MENU. You can get a negative or positive offset. To make a choice, you will need to click on the arrow keys.  This should be followed by clicking on MENU.

Step Six

This is the point where you save everything that you just did as a channel on your walkie talkie. To get this done, click on MENU. This should be followed by typing ‘27’. Once this is done, you will find yourself at the point where you can add channels to your walkie talkie.  When at this point, click on MENU again and choose the number you are looking to ensure your channel is on. After doing this, you should click on MENU. This should be followed by pressing EXIT.

How to Save Frequencies as Channels

When making use of the Baofeng UV-5r, you will need to learn how to save frequencies as channels. This comes in handy if you are trying to avoid communicating via a local repeater. This is possible when everyone is in the same area and there will really be no need for a repeater. 

When looking to communicate with your partners this way, you can be said to make use of simplex communications. This process is simple as it eliminates the need for a middle man.

To save a frequency as a channel, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click on the VFO/MR button on the radio’s face. This will help you obtain the frequency mode. This should be followed by making use of the arrow keys to select the frequency you are looking to make use of. You can also type in the frequency with the keypads. After doing this, go ahead and click on MENU. Once this is done, type ‘27’. This will lead you to the point where you can select channels. 

Step 2

Click on MENU and type in the frequency you want. Go and click on MENU again and then exit. 

Scanning on a Baofeng UV-5r Walkie Talkie

This is a feature that helps communication as it ensures you are able to search out various frequencies in a band to know where you can communicate easily. This walkie-talkie does this. However, it is not very fast with this task.

When looking to scan on this device, you will need to locate the star key in this device. The star key is on the radio’s face. It also acts as a button for scanning. 

When trying to scan, you simply need to hold down the scan button for a couple of seconds and this walkie-talkie will start scanning. Once the radio finds a transmission, it will pause automatically for a moment and then continue later. Once you find what you are looking for, you can ensure the radio quits scanning by pressing the scan button again.

How to Alter the Band

When you make use of the Baofeng UV-5r radio, you have the freedom of accessing two bands in this walkie talkie’s spectrum. These bands are the 70cm band and the 2- meter band. When you are in a rural area, you might want to choose the 2-meter band over the 70cm band as it is a high frequency. Also, it is good for wide areas.

If you are in an urban area, you will do well with the 70cm band as this band has the ability to get past buildings. 

To change a band, you will have to press the BAND button. After doing this, if 144-148 is on the screen, your band is VHF. On the other hand, when you see 420-450 on the screen, you are on UHF.

Altering Frequencies

When looking to alter frequencies with the walkie-talkie, there are major routes to take. You can decide to make use of the arrow buttons located beneath the screen’s centre. Another way to alter your frequency is by simply typing the frequency you want on the screen. 

Locking Your Keypad

This might never be an issue if you always have things all sorted out. On the other hand, if there are times that you might have to place your walkie talkie in your pocket, then it is important that you know how to lock its keypad. Locking the keypad of the Baofeng walkie talkie is not difficult. There is a button that is located on this walkie talkie’s face. On its bottom end to be précised.  When looking to lock the keypad of this walkie talkie, you simply need to press this button and hold it down. This should be done for about two seconds. When looking to unlock this radio, you should press and hold down this button for about two seconds also. 

Altering Backlight Color

Every walkie talkie comes with a default backlight color and this walkie talkie is not any different. If you are not comfortable with the backlight color that your Baofeng UV-5r walkie talkie comes with, simply click on the MENU button. At this point, you have three alternatives. You can change the backlight colour when making a transmission, receiving a transmission, or on standby mode. 

When you want to change the backlight for making transmissions, select ‘3’ and then ‘1’. When changing for receiving the transmission, select ‘3’ and then’0’.  If you are looking to change the backlight color when on standby, click on ‘2’ and then ’9’.

Getting into Hands Free Mode

This walkie talkie has hands-free features. This feature is known as VOX and it comes in handy when you must use your walkie-talkie while your hands are busy. When you use this walkie talkie in its VOX mode, there will be no need to press the PTT button before you start speaking. To get this done, click on MENU. This should be followed by selecting ‘4 VOX’. To get this done, you will need the up and down button. You will also need the up and down arrow key to turn on the VOX feature and choose its sensitivity. After your choice is made, click on MENU. This should be followed by EXIT. 

Monitoring Two Frequencies Simultaneously

 There is a lot about the Baofeng UV-5r walkie-talkie that you can know by simply going through its manual. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. This walkie-talkie was designed to monitor two frequencies simultaneously. This is a feature that can really be important when there are two really likely frequencies that will be used by your partners but you are not so sure which one of them will be used. 

When looking to monitor two frequencies at the same time, click on the MENU button. This should be followed by pressing ‘7’. Go on and select the MENU to choose Dual Watch Mode. At this point, you will need to enable the Dual Watch Mode. Once this is done, you will need the up and down buttons. After getting this done, go on to click the MENU button and EXIT.

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