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How to unlock VW radio without code


Many VW/Audi models include VW Golf, Jetta, Sirocco, Passat, Phaeton, Polo, Scirocco, Coupe, and A3. They all use a new encrypted radio system, meaning you must enter a code to unlock the car radio. The new system is called the RNS-2. It has two codes: FACTORY CODE – This one is programmed into the car at the factory. It will set the unit back to ‘factory default settings.

I’ll walk you through how to unlock the VW radio without a code. I’ll show you how to change the factory code with a simple hack. It should only take 10-15 minutes to complete the procedure.

How to unlock VW radio without code

Step 1: Turn off the radio and remove the power cable.

Turn off the radio by pressing and holding the “Power/Vol +” button for 2 seconds until a beep is heard and then release it. Remove the power cable from its connector at bottom of your VW radio by pulling on it slightly and rocking it back and forth until you can slide it out easily (make sure to pull straight up without twisting).

Step 2: Press the numbers 1,3,5 from the radio keypad simultaneously.

Press the numbers 1,3,5 from the radio keypad at a time. These numbers are on the radio keypad and do not need to be input in any particular order. If you enter these three numbers at once (1,3,5), your VW car radio will automatically unlock after a few seconds. The process may vary based on the vehicle’s make and model but this one-time code is considered universal for most models of Volkswagens sold in North America since 2006.

Step 3: You will see the words SAFE or 1000 flashing on and off quickly.

  • The word SAFE is flashing on and off quickly. This means that you are in the right programming mode.

Press the preset buttons one by one until your display shows 1000.

Press the preset buttons one by one until your display shows 1000. You can then enter this code to unlock your VW radio. If you enter the wrong code, your radio will be locked again.

Next, after pressing 1000 on the keypad press 1 and hold it until you see CODE on the display.

The next step is to enter the unlock code. The unlock code for your car radio is located in the VW owner’s manual, you can look it up by either searching online or going through your glove box.

Once you have acquired your unlock code, press 1000 on the keypad and then 1 and hold it until you see CODE on the display. You will now be able to enter your unlock code into your car stereo system by simply pressing 1 and holding it until you see CODE on the display.

Find a serial number of your VW radio.

The first step is to find the serial number of your VW radio. You should be able to locate it by looking on the front or back of the unit. If you don’t see a serial number, look for a sticker that has one printed on it, which may be located on the bottom of your VW radio.

Suppose you still can’t find a sticker or serial number attached to your VW radio and have checked both sides of it thoroughly. In that case, we recommend turning over your vehicle registration so that you can read its sticker under “Radio Equipment.”

Enter your serial number in the Retrieve Radio Code form.

Enter your serial number in Retrieve Radio Code form.

On the radio, find the serial number and write it down. In Retrieve Radio Code form, enter your VW unlock code. Click the retrieve code button to get your Volkswagen code.

Click retrieve code button and you will get your VW unlock code.

Once the information is retrieved, you can use it to unlock your radio.

The first step is to enter the unlock code in the same way as you entered your serial number. The unlock code is a six-digit number that will be provided on screen and displayed in bold text. You should also print out this page so that you have a copy of it handy when entering these codes on your Volkswagen radio.

This is a few different steps that can lead to getting your vw radio unlocked

  • Turn off the radio.
  • Remove the power cable from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.
  • Press the numbers 1, 3, 5 on your VW radio keypad at a time (for example: 1, 3, 5). You should see “SAFE” or “1000” flashing on and off quickly. Suppose this happens in less than 5 seconds. In that case, you may have to press these buttons again until you get an error message like “Error Code: Xxxx” where xxxx is some number that means something to someone else but not to you because you are not an electronics expert who knows how to use codes for unlocking.
  • Press preset buttons one by one until your display shows 1000


These instructions should help you unlock your VW radio in just a few short minutes. There are countless reasons why someone would want to do this. It could be because two people drive the car, and you don’t want anyone else changing stations. Maybe you have an after-market head unit that you want to install, but it needs the radio code first. Or maybe you’re just trying to save money on your monthly subscription service charge by skipping the dealer and doing it yourself. Whatever the reason, unlock your VW radio without code and enjoy the freedom of choosing any music from thousands of stations.


How do I reset my radio without the code?

A code is an alphanumeric sequence that is used to access the radio. The code can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the radio. If you don’t have this code, then you’ll need to contact your dealer for assistance.

If you have lost the code for your car’s radio and need to reset it, try these steps:

1. Turn off and unplug the car’s battery for 10 minutes.

2. Turn on the ignition and wait until all of the warning lights go out before continuing with step 3.

3. Push and hold down both presets 1 and 2 simultaneously until they both flash twice in rapid succession (about five seconds). This will set both presets to zero (factory default).

How do I find my VW radio PIN?

The radio PIN code is a unique identifier for your vehicle, which can be found on the owner’s manual in the glove box. When you enter this code, you are able to access the radio settings and change them as needed.

If you are not sure what your PIN code is, or if it has been lost or forgotten, there are several ways to find out what it is:

1) Check your owner’s manual. If you are having issues with your VW radio, you may want to check your owner’s manual for any information about resetting the unit or changing any of its settings. The information that is contained in the owner’s manual should also include details about how to find out what your VW radio PIN is.

2) Contact Volkswagen customer service. If you do not have access to an owner’s manual or if you have misplaced it, then contacting Volkswagen customer service may be an option for getting more information about how to reset a VW radio. They can provide this information over the phone or by email, as well as other helpful tips regarding how to properly use and maintain your vehicle.

How do I reset my Volkswagen radio code?

Volkswagen models are pre-programmed with a radio security code, which must be entered to use the radio. If you have lost or forgotten your Volkswagen radio code, you’ll need to reset it using the steps below.

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/GTI/Rabbit/Golf R:

1. Turn the ignition switch to “ON.” If a low battery warning message appears, wait until it disappears before proceeding.

2. Press and hold the preset button that corresponds to the station you wish to set. If you have a satellite radio tuner, press the preset button that corresponds to either Sirius or XM (“XM” will appear on your display).

3. While holding this button, press and release the power button on top of your VW radio three times within five seconds (not ten seconds like most other vehicles). A new security code will appear on your display screen when complete.

What does loc mean on my radio?

You may hear the word loc on an amateur radio frequency. It means “location.” The word is most often used in conjunction with a call sign or other identifier. For example, the phrase “K2XYZ loc K8XYZ” means that the first station is located at K2XYZ and the second station is located at K8XYZ. Loc can also be used when identifying yourself as part of a group of stations. So, if four stations listen to a repeater, one may say “this is the group of four (or G4)” rather than give each station’s call signs.

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