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How to Unlock a Kenwood Radio |Handheld 2 Way Radios


Do you want to know how to unlock a Kenwood radio? There are always many underlying questions asked by several two-way device operators. Search on relevant forums. You will find a lot of these questions that go from technical to non-technical.

One of the most prevalent of them is the question of how to unlock a Kenwood handheld radio. It is common among many operators that make use of the Kenwood handheld device. This is due to a popular feature called “Super lock” found in Kenwood two-way radios.

The story behind the super lock function is that it locks up your radio settings to a particular channel, restraining your access to others.

In summary, this results in you having access to only one channel, and when you try to tune your two-way Kenwood radio to have access to another channel, you won’t get a response.

What you will most likely hear is an excessive sound indicating a loss of frequency. The problem with being locked into one channel is enormous. In some instances, can pose as dangerous, especially in high-risk situations where a steady two-way connection is required.


You might be in a situation where you are working with a group, and suddenly, all members of this group are compelled to move over to another frequency for some reason. You ultimately will be left hanging because you are locked out and tied to only one frequency.

Though this feature can be very limiting and inconveniencing, it is a measure put in place in the Kenwood TK ProTalk series to checkmate any unintentional changes that might occur accidentally, for instance, if you have the device in your pocket.

This was a prevalent issue with older Kenwood two-way radio devices, thus giving rise to the super lock feature.

So you are a radio operator currently experiencing this issue, and you are on the lookout for an urgent solution. This post is designed with the sole purpose of teaching you how to tackle this little problem.

Before going any further on the way to unlock a Kenwood two-way device, we should have an insight into how the lock function gets activated, to begin with.

How Is The Lock Function Activated On The Kenwood Two Way radio Device?

how to unlock a kenwood radio

Many Kenwood models, including the TK Pro talk Series, all come equipped with 3 buttons located on the radio’s left corner. The PTT is the topmost of the three. You can easily spot it because it is the biggest.

The 2 other buttons following the PTT button are mainly for menu navigation: the top to move upwards and the last button to move downwards.

Typically the lock to one channel on the Kenwood radio is affected when the top navigation button is held down for more than a 3-second stretch only when the device is active.

Because of this navigation button’s inconspicuous nature, it becomes quite susceptible to lock at any time. This often happens by accident, especially when the user is not experienced.

It is a typical situation among new radio operators who are merely trying to get the hang of the two-way device and get this lock feature activated in error.

You can quickly know if the Kenwood handheld device is locked. You will hear a beep sound when you attempt to tune to another channel.

As you continue to tune the channel, you will continuously hear this sound from the device, indicating that it is locked to one channel.

How to Unlock a Kenwood Handheld Two Way Radio

The good news is, that unlocking the Kenwood handheld two-way radio is relatively easy and straightforward. Anybody can do this.

You don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge of any sort to effect this change, and you can do it yourself without the help of a technician.

To unlock the Kenwood Handheld radio, follow these few steps closely in a particular order. It is listed without skipping any. After you have made sure to adhere to the instructions, your two-way radio should be unlocked and up and running in no time.

Outlined below are the steps to unlock your Kenwood Handheld Two way Radio:

  • First things first, make sure that your Kenwood handheld radio is turned off
  • Then press down on the second button to the left side of the device.
  • While you are still holding down this button, press the power button to switch on the radio
  • As soon as the indicator at the head of the radio is on (Usually orange in color), take your finger off the button.
  • As soon as you have done this, you will hear two audible beeping sounds from the radio
  • Then switch off the device again and turn it back on.
  • Once on, your Kenwood Handheld Two-way radio is now unlocked and ready for use.
  • If you locked the Kenwood radio while it was on scan mode, you could quickly press the top navigation button to remedy it. You would notice that the flickering light will come to a stop.
  • You can start checking for new channels as soon as you have fixed the unlocking issue. You will also notice that the beep will automatically seize once you start tuning, meaning there is more than one available channel.

Conclusion- How to unlock a Kenwood radio

Because of the Kenwood handheld radio’s portable nature and the simple ambiguous design that allows buttons to function in different capacities, accidents of this nature occur quite often.

This is due to ignorance on the part of most new radio operators when handling their two-way devices. They might be working on something, and next thing, they might unintentionally press down on a button effecting a lock. It can be quite inconvenient.

The super lock feature is one of the most common problems many Kenwood radio operators encounter, and most times, with no help in sight, sometimes get stuck to one channel.

But just as has been adequately explained above, that should no longer be the case as solving this problem is very easy. So there is no need to worry if you anytime accidentally lock your Kenwood two-way radio again in the future.

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