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How to play FM Radio on ALEXA


How to play FM Radio on ALEXA

Let’s go through a well-detailed guide om How to play FM Radio on ALEXA.

We all appreciate how simple it is for Alexa to play our favorite tunes across various apps and settings. However, your Alexa can assist you if you’re in the mood for something vintage or want to listen to songs from the past. Yes, Alexa can now stream your local radio station as well, allowing you to listen to live radio! Just make sure your Alexa app is up to date. Additionally, connect your Alexa app to your Echo Show or Alexa display. It’s quite simple to set up radio channels on your Alexa, and it shouldn’t take long either.

How to play FM Radio on ALEXA

How to play FM Radio on ALEXA: The ALEXA App

The technology behind Amazon Alexa, often known as Alexa, is largely based on the Polish voice synthesizer Ivona which Amazon purchased in 2013. The Amazon’s echo speaker, as well as the Amazon Echo Studio, and Amazon Tap devices created by Amazon Lab126, were the first devices to utilize it. Utilizing itself as a system for home automation, Alexa can also manage a number of smart gadgets. By adding “skills” (extra functionality created by third-party companies, in other contexts more usually referred to as applications), users can expand the capabilities of Alexa. Examples of skills include weather forecasts and audio features. It accomplishes these tasks using weak AI techniques such as speech processing, language processing, and others.

Most Alexa-enabled devices let users wake them up by saying a wake word, like “Alexa” or “Amazon,” while some (like the Amazon mobile apps for iOS or Android and the Amazon Dash Wand) needs the button click. However, some phones also let users speak commands like “Alexa” and “Alexa wake” to activate Alexa.

More than 10,000 people were employed by Amazon as of November 2018 to work on Alexa and similar products. Over 100 million Alexa-enabled gadgets had been sold, according to a January 2019 announcement by Amazon’s devices team.

Amazon announced a number of new products in September 2019, breaking numerous records while vying for market share in the global smart home sector. The brand-new Echo Studio made history as the first voice assistant to have 360 and Dolby sound. A third-generation Amazon Echo, an Echo Show 8, an Echo plug-in device, an Echo Flex, Alexa designed wireless headphones, Echo buds, Alexa designed glasses, Echo frame, an Alexa built-in Ring, and an Echo Loop were among the other new gadgets.

How to play FM Radio on ALEXA: A Summary of ALEXA App’s History

Ivona, a forerunner of Alexa, was created in Poland, was influenced by the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and was acquired by Amazon in 2013. Alexa and the Echo were both announced by Amazon in November 2014. Science fiction TV shows and films, starting with Star Trek: The First Season and Star Trek: The Next Generation, served as inspiration for Alexa’s artificial voice and conversational system.

The name Alexa was chosen by Amazon’s designers because the X in it contains a harsh consonant that makes it easier to pronounce and be recognized. The moniker, according to them, is evocative of the Library of Alexandria, which Amazon Alexa Internet also uses for the same reason. The Alexa Initiative, a project that would make investments creating voice activation skills and technology, was introduced by Amazon in June 2015. Some major Companies have benefited from the $200 million fund’s investments. To develop technology, the Alexa Award was introduced in 2016.

The first Alexa Conference, an autonomous gathering of the global community of Alexa creators and aficionados, was held in Nashville, Tennessee, in January 2017. Paul Cutsinger, Amazon’s Chief of Training for Alexa, was one of the keynote presenters at subsequent conferences that went by the moniker of Project Voice.

Amazon revealed Alexa for Business at the Amazon Web Re: Invent convention in Las Vegas, along with the availability of paid skill add-ons for app developers.

Amazon declared in May 2018 that it would install Alexa in 35,000 brand-new Lennar houses.

In Toronto’s Eaton Centre, Amazon established its first pop-up store with an Alexa theme in November 2018, showcasing how to use home automation goods with Amazon’s voice assistants. Along with pop-up stores in malls across the country, Amazon also offers Alexa devices in its Amazon Bookstore and Whole Foods Grocery stores.

How to play FM Radio on ALEXA: What is the Function of the App?

In addition to many other pre-programmed tasks, Alexa can set timers, report the weather, make lists, access website content, as well as many other things right out of the box. Users can wake up an Alexa-enabled device by saying a specified “wake word” (the baseline is just “Alexa”). When Alexa receives a command or query, she waits for it before carrying out the necessary task. When a query is posed, Alexa turns audio signals into text and is able to collect data from a variety of sources. To generate appropriate and correct answers, the data is sometimes transmitted behind the scenes to a number of sources.   Alexa-enabled devices feature built-in compatibility for Spotify and Pandora accounts and can play music from owner’s Music Streaming accounts. From a phone or tablet, Alexa can play the music from streaming platforms like Apple and Google Play.

Using third-party abilities that users can enable, Alexa can carry out tasks in addition to those that are already pre-programmed. “Question of the Day” and “Nat Geo Quiz” for trivia, “TuneIn Live” for listening to live sports events and news stations, “Big Sky” for hyper-local weather updates, “Sleep and Leisure Sounds” for listening to relaxing sounds, “Sesame Street” for kid-friendly entertainment, and “Fitbit” for Fitbit users who would like to check in on their health stats were some of the most well-liked Alexa skills in 2018. Apple, Google, Amazon, as well as the ZigBee Alliance formed cooperation in 2019 to enable interoperability amongst smart home products.

How to play FM Radio on ALEXA: Features of Alexa

SMS and phone calls

From the Alexa application, messages could be sent in a variety of ways. The recipient’s Alexa application and all supported Echo devices linked to their Amazon account can both receive messages sent by Alexa to them. Only from the Alexa app can Alexa deliver messages that are inputted. A voice message is transmitted when sent from a linked Echo device. Video and photo attachments are not supported by Alexa.

One’s personal Alexa contacts are shared among all of the gadgets that are connected to its related account for multi-person homes. One can only initiate chats with their Alexa connections within the Alexa app, though. Anyone in one’s home has access to Alexa messaging when it is enabled by an Alexa app or Echo device. Anybody with entrance to the home can hear these messages. There is currently no associated PIN or password protection for this texting feature. Anyone with access to a person’s cell phone number can make contact with them using this function on an Echo device or supported Alexa app. By using the Do Not Disturb feature, it is possible to temporarily disable message and phone alerts.


Companies can use Alexa for Business, a premium subscription service, to arrange meetings, join conference calls, and employ bespoke skills created by outside suppliers.

Alerts for severe weather

The digital assistant may now alert the user when a major weather threat is perceived in their location thanks to a feature that was added in February 2020.

Updates on traffic

In February 2020, Alexa added a new voice control feature that allows it to inform users about their journey, traffic, or directions. The user’s phone may also receive the information.

How to Play FM Radio on ALEXA

  1. Launch the Alexa app and select More in the lower right corner.
  2. Click on “Skills and Games,” then scroll up until you find the box labeled “Popular categories” at the top of the app’s screen.
  3. Type “radio” into the search bar by tapping the icon in the upper right corner. You’ll get a list of radio applications that are accessible in your area right away. 
  4. Check it out and select the radio station of your choice.

How to play FM Radio on ALEXA: How to Play From a Radio Station in Your Area

It’s simple to start playing from your phone with only a voice command once you’ve configured Alexa to broadcast radio stations. You might see several alternatives, though, depending on where you are. To get your Alexa to start the music whenever you want, just follow these steps.

1. You may ask Alexa to play any radio station simply saying, “Alexa, instruct my tuner to play,” and she will start playing that particular station right away. Additionally, you may tell Alexa to play by giving her a command. Due to the similarity in call signs or radio frequencies, Alexa may occasionally begin playing from locations apart from the one you requested. The speech recognition technology in the program’s limitations is to blame for this. Make your instructions more precise the second time and Alexa will choose the radio network of your desire and begin playing.

2. You can look up the call signs for your preferred radio channels on various websites if you’re unsure of what they are. You may navigate and find various channels by using Alexa to view these sites.

3. Alexa makes it simple to connect to any radio station, whether it be local, national, or even international radio stations from various places. However, Alexa is capable of other things as well. You can listen to radio programs from any day in history as long as they were aired on that day with Alexa’s Radio Complete Day Skill. Hear the same news, commentary, music, and other broadcasts from the nineteenth century.

4. To activate this option, either search for and add the ability in the app, or just tell Alexa to do so by saying, “Alexa, add Radio Full Day Skill,” and it will be done right away.

5. The “Radio Paradise” feature can be added to their list of skills if you prefer to listen to music selected by people as opposed to machine algorithms. Once you’ve completed that, Alexa will present you with a number of choices which are playlists that combine music from many genres to soothe you.

6. Over time, Alexa’s radio capabilities don’t merely stop working on all radio stations worldwide. Simply add the Sound of Broadway skill to the Alexa menu of radio talents and listen while on the go to hear performances from Broadway, Off-Broadway, and British stages. The entire procedure is cost-free!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to play FM Radio on ALEXA

The following are some typical queries regarding Alexa’s radio capability that many users have:

Is the radio compatible with all devices?

To begin, you must first sync the Alexa android phone with your Alexa Echo or even other smart speaker device. In order using the transmitter on your devices, you must ensure that the Alexa app is current.

My Alexa no longer plays the radio; why?

A bad Wi-Fi connection is one of the most frequent causes of Alexa issues. Fix your network and try again if the Wi-Fi is currently unreliable or inactive. Alexa or your radio should function properly.

Can I ask Alexa to set an alarm using the radio?

Any song you desire can be played at any moment by Alexa including the requests for alarms. When you simply ask Alexa to wake you up, she will automatically set an alarm for that time. However, occasionally Alexa may select a new radio network with a similar name if she cannot understand you clearly enough. You must go on and give it another shot.

After some time, how can I turn the radio off?

You can utilize the “Sleep Timer” option to automatically put off the transmitter at the specified time, whether it be in 30 minutes, an hour, or longer, if you don’t want to bother with doing it manually.


With Alexa, you can carry out a variety of tasks with just the sound of your voice. The broadcasting option, which enables users to listen to anything radio from all around the world, is the most recent of these options. For a more flexible experience, you can give Alexa several talents. By looking for the required skills in your Alexa app, you may even utilize the radio for a variety of other enjoyable activities.

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