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How to listen to radio on iPhone without internet


In this article, we shall be guidig you on how to listen to radio on iPhone without internet.


When calamities disturb daily life, throwing mobile internet and Wi-Fi to the wind, FM radio becomes essential for staying informed about the disaster and staying safe. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to catch up on regional news and listening to a range of shows from other stations.

Sadly, Apple was never really enthusiastic about allowing FM radio on the iPhone. The tech giant didn’t implement an FM radio chip even though older iPhones up until the iPhone 6 and 6s did. Even worse, the Cupertino company’s most recent iPhones no longer contain the chip in any way. And nobody is certain that it will ever return to the iOS platform.

How to listen to radio on iPhone without internet

Worth Trying

It would be worth a chance if you enjoy listening to radio and wish to do it easily on your iOS device. The earbuds fit well and are fairly comfortable.

They fit comfortably in the ear thanks to the in-ear design, allowing you to smoothly keep pace with your music. Regarding audio quality, they can withstand the demand.

The maker has verified that the USB-C version will be released in 2019.

Although the cost seems a little excessive, the total bundle nevertheless represents an excellent value.

FM radio apps without Wi-Fi are already available today and can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. As you are aware, some people continue to be devoted listeners of radio even if most people now listen to music players, YouTube, as well as other online videos more frequently. They still favor radio as their media of choice for things like listening to music and getting the most recent news. However, with the advancement of technology and the advent of the digital age, access to the internet has become necessary in order to listen to the airwaves. It could be quite uncomfortable for some of you.

Thankfully, you can download FM radio applications that are offline. As a result, even if you don’t have an online connection, you can still listen to the radio. Radio is still a terrific way to stay up to date on new music and news, even though it is not as prominent as it once was. You do not need to be concerned about not having an internet connection when using FM radio apps. The radio can be listened to anytime, anywhere.

What Do IPhone Radio Apps Do?

You can use a radio app to listen to internet radio on your phone and choose from a variety of radio streams. Instead of using FM or HD Radio, the radio show is broadcasted on the Internet. Some apps just provide one radio station, a selection of radio channels from a particular nation. However, radio apps that broadcast live radio from everywhere in the world are much more useful and well-liked. For instance, the radio.net app provides direct access to more than 30,000 foreign radio stations.

What Radio App Is the Best?

The needs and expectations of the user are everything. The streaming app of your preferred station is possibly the best option if you only want to tune to one radio program and don’t require a large selection. However, we advise installing a radio app from a radio organizer if you’re searching for some quick and simple variation. The radio.net app provides you with access to all US radio stations as well as the top broadcasters from across the globe. You can instantly change radio stations and listen to totally new radio programs.

Which iPhone Radio App Is Available?

For iOS users, there are numerous radio apps that enable you tune in to various stations. Listeners can always find an entertaining radio station thanks to the free radio.net app for iPad and iPhone, which offers a wide range of radio stations and practical features. All station information is kept current by our service center, and all radio shows are constantly available.

Which Radio Apps Are Accessible Offline?

A data connection is always necessary for online radio to transmit the ongoing radio program. Without an Internet connection, radio applications are inoperable. A few smartphones come equipped with an FM or HD transceiver. With this, you may listen to analog broadcasts like a table radio without a network connection. In addition, there are apps that let you download a certain amount of music in anticipation that you may use offline. But this is no longer a live radio in the traditional sense.

How to listen to radio on iPhone without internet: iPhone Radio Application

Everyone now uses music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music. However, there is one class of apps that has remained popular: radio. You can listen to radio stations from all over the world wherever you are with these internet-based radio apps. For iPhone users, the App Store is brimming with radio apps. We have chosen the top five for you from among them.

Listening to sports, world affairs, entertainment, style, and other topics on the radio is entertaining and diverse. You can switch to your preferred radio service on the iPhone if you get tired of listening to your regular Spotify playlist or podcast. Let’s get going.

1. TuneIn Radio

With over 5.7 million recordings and more than 100,000 AM and FM radio worldwide, TuneIn easily tops the list. It has everything to match your interests, whether you enjoy talk radio, music, sports, or news.

The sound quality is excellent, and the interface is clear and simple to use. The offered customized recommendations are appealing. Your home page will be dynamically adjusted by the app depending on your listening preferences.

Our Score: 4 out of 5


  • Offer a hundred thousand or more radio stations as well as millions of podcasts.
  • It is cost-free.
  • Easily accessible on both FM and AM radio.


  • The radio is the sole available medium.
  • The cost varied according to location.

Download the app here https://tunein-radio.en.uptodown.com

2. Basic Radio

Simple Radio, as its name suggests, emphasizes using efficiency to get things accomplished. For entertainment, politics, and live performances, the app includes FM, AM, and internet stations. More than 50,000 internet stations are available for you to select from, which should be enough for most people.

All of the major stations, including NPR, BBC, WNYC, WABC, and others, are supported by Simple Radio. What’s more? Simply touch the download button to bookmark your favorite station. a straightforward iPhone radio app.

There are no audio pauses or buffering when listening to the radio using Simple Radio. It is very dependable and steady. Without any interference, you’ll be able to get in touch to any frequency.

Our Score: 4.2 out of 5


• It is practical and simple to use.

• No sound pauses or buffering.

• There are more than 25.000 accessible stations.

• Reliable and steady

• Quick and simple setup.

Download the app here 

3. iHeart 

Your ideal media hub may be iHeart. Everything is supported by the well-known iPhone radio app, including radio, music, and podcasts. Streaming podcasts from well-known individuals are available.

I appreciate how this is categorized. You can browse sections devoted to jazz, rock, rap, comedies, sports, and more. The current song and artist will be displayed, and you can choose to approve or disapprove of individual tracks. IHeart modifies the home page recommendations in response to user feedback.

Our Score: 3.5/5


• You can stream podcasts, music, and radio for free.

• Various radio stations from around the globe are available for streaming.

• There are many different playlists available, organized by genre and mood.


• In-stream advertising

• For more services and better experiences, you need to subscribe.

Download the app here 


Without internet, PCRADIO isn’t actually a radio app. However, the internet bandwidth used by this radio application is little. Consequently, it is inoperable without an internet access. The developer claims that a minimum internet speed of 24 kbit/s is sufficient for FM radio listening.

The quality of FM radio station transmitting and streaming music is undoubtedly impacted by such a modest requirement for internet traffic consumption. However, you can modify the parameters to alter the audio stream’s quality by varying how much internet traffic is used.

Hundreds of online radio stations from around the world are supported by PCRADIO. Once you have downloaded the application, they are instantly accessible. The music genres and other groups on PCRADIO’s air. Ranges from rock, news, children’s, and sports broadcasting. The feed can be saved and recorded by the application for offline listening. The features, however, are only accessible in the complete version. To fully enjoy the radio, you must purchase a month- or year-long subscription to the services.

Our Score: 4 out of 5


• There are thousands of radio stations available.

• A convenient notification method.

• The ability to save and record broadcasts for later listening.


Work is impossible without an internet connection.

• In order to fully enjoy the radio, a subscription is required.

• It’s not entirely an offline radio app.

4. My Tuner Radio

With a gorgeous user interface, myTuner Radio elevates the experience. 50 000 stations from more than 200 nations and territories are available through the service. One of the uncommon radio apps that support Apple, AirPlay, Apple Tv, and CarPlay is myTuner Radio.

MyTuner Radio provides a means to view the music that a station has recently played. MyTuner will present relevant stations based on your preferences so you may discover new music to listen to. Additionally, you may find exactly what you’re looking for by performing a search by state, location, genre, or nation. This remains one of the best radio applications for the iPhone.

Download the app Here 

5. Sirius XM

More than 300 stations are available on Sirius XM, including ad-free entertainment, sports, comedies, discussion shows, and more. You may find new songs and radio stations and receive personalized recommendations. When you upgrade to premium, there are also more than 100 ad-free Xtra music stations for every occasion, emotion, and activity.

Leading news sources including, Bloomberg Multimedia can be found in the app and it also offers more ad-free experiences as well. I enjoy how Sirius XM provides podcasts, live music events, video interviews, and more to provide the best audio experience.

Download the app here 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Use My IPhone to Tune to FM Radio Without the Internet?

All responses The only method to listen to “radio” on the iPhone is through an internet connection because it lacks an AM/FM radio receiver. If you don’t already have one, you’ll have to get a cheap radio.

Does The IPhone Have an FM Receiver?

The simple answer is NO; an iPhone does not have an FM receiver. You may have observed that the iPhone includes an FM radio chip. That much is only partially accurate because of chip that controls it. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi may also pick up the FM frequency. However, neither is it the reason Apple selected that chip nor does it turn the iPhone into an FM receiver. They selected the Broadcom chip since it was the best Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip available. Want more? Here is a justification:

First, it depends on how you define “FM receiver.” I possess an FM tuner (several, actually). An FM receiver in the real world includes an RF element that can receive FM transmissions, down adapters that can generate audio output from the decoded FM signal, for a transmitter to start receiving FM transmissions, there need to be connection to a sound reproduction source (such as a speaker), and a method of setting the FM band to particular stations. The iPhone doesn’t have any of those other than the RF component. It makes use of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-capable multipurpose RF microcircuit that was previously stated. Additionally, the device has the ability to interpret FM band signals. However, there is no means to tune the FM frequency (8 connections), no way to get a signals into the chip decoding (an antenna), and no way to get sound out (3 connections). The chip’s pins designated for this use are not interconnected. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to claim that an iPhone comes with a built-in FM receiver.

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