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How to Charge a Walkie Talkie without a Charger


How to Charge a Walkie Talkie without a Charger

Let’s talk about how to charge a walkie talkie without a charger.

Walkie-talkies were designed to be used in different situations. However, they appear to be strongly associated with situations in which one is far from civilization. This might not mean so much to you. However, the fact that you might be making use of a walkie-talkie far away from civilization means you might actually be far from a source of electricity. This implies that you just might not have the means to charge your walkie-talkie when it runs out of charge in the middle of the wilderness.

Beyond running out of charge when making use of your walkie-talkie in a deserted area, you could misplace your walkie-talkie charger or even forget to bring it along on a trip.

Being far away from your walkie-talkie charger when you run out of charge can be a major challenge. Nonetheless, it is not a chilling that is without a solution. If you have to charge your walkie-talkie but do not have a charger around, you are not alone. We’ve got you covered. Contained in this article are tricks that the average person can rely on when looking to charge their walkie-talkie in the absence of a charger.

How to Charge a Walkie Talkie without a Charger

Is it Possible to Charge Your Walkie Talkie without a Charger?

Yes, it is possible to charge your walkie talkie even when you do not have a charger around. While this piece of information can make you quite relaxed, charging your walkie-talkie in the absence of a charger can be quite challenging.  You will need to know about the various battery types and how they work if you must charge them successfully. 

There are various methods of charging a walkie-talkie battery. However, before attempting to charge a walkie-talkie battery in the absence of a charger, you have to note that the various techniques only work for batteries like Li-ion, NiCad, and NiMH batteries. Although the different methods of charging walkie-talkie batteries can be considered very effective, they might not work for alkaline batteries as alkaline batteries were not designed to be recharged.

What are the Various Types of Walkie Talkie Batteries?

If you must successfully charge a walkie-talkie battery each time you attempt to do so, you will need o know about the various types of walkie talkie batteries. That being said, let’s walk through the various walkie talkie batteries.

Alkaline Batteries

All things being equal, alkaline batteries are not rechargeable.  Also, they were designed to last longer than other walkie-talkie batteries. Since an alkaline battery was not designed to be recharged, you will be unable to charge it regardless of the method you try to use. In as much as alkaline batteries cannot be recharged, you can always use them to charge other rechargeable batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Also known as Li-ion batteries, this type of rechargeable battery is known to be the priciest of all rechargeable batteries. With this type of battery, there will be no memory burn. Also, Li-ion batteries work with charging cycles. The implication of this is as soon as Lithium-ion batteries get to their cycle limit, it will be impossible to recharge them. One way to know that your Li-ion battery is approaching its charging limit is if it starts running out more rapidly.

When looking to get the best out of a Lithium-ion battery, you might not want to charge it completely.  If you always charge your Li-ion battery fully, you will be reducing its lifespan. 

Nickel Metal Hydride 

The Nickel Metal Hydride battery is also called the NiMH battery. It tolerates memory burn and is quite similar to Ni-Cad batteries.  You should avoid overcharging this battery as doing so will lead to a shortened lifespan. When trying to avoid overcharging this battery, you simply need to look out for when it starts getting warm. As its temperature increases, it is becoming fully charged and you might want to quit charging it at this point. 

Nickel-Cadmium Battery

This is a popular battery that gets used for walkie-talkies. It is very long-lasting and is not affected by overcharging. This means you might not worry about monitoring it closely when it is being charged. Being able to stay unaffected by overcharging makes this battery stand out. However, it is heavier than other batteries and gets partially charged. This battery was built to last up to three years when used properly. 

Different Ways of Charging a Walkie-Talkie Battery

 At this point, you know the different types of walkie-talkie batteries. So, it is time to get down to business.  Let’s walk through the various methods of charging a walkie-talkie battery in the absence of a charger.

Making Use of a Clip Charger

If you have a clip charger, then, you can charge your walkie-talkie even when you do not have a charger around. Follow the steps below to charge your walkie-talkie battery with the clip charger.

  • Take the battery out of the walkie talkie
  • Ensure that the charger is well positioned on the charging platform of the clip charger.
  • Connect the charger and switch it on. 

This method is very straightforward and is something that virtually everyone should be able to make use of. However, it only works for Li-ion batteries.

Making Use of Alkaline Batteries

This method is not as simple as the one above. To execute it, follow the steps below.

Take the battery out of the walkie talkie

GET a 9-volt, AAA, or AA alkaline battery

Connect the alkaline battery to the battery’s voltage. Doing this will make power flow into the dead battery. You have to make use of an alkaline battery that has a higher voltage than the battery you are trying to charge. If its voltage is lower, charging might be difficult or absolutely impossible. 

Make use of a USB Port

This method works for walkie-talkies that have USB ports. This is something that you can do irrespective of where you are. You just need a source of power; a laptop, a power bank, etc and connect it. 


Charging a walkie-talkie without a charger might seem simple. However, you will need a certain level of technical skill to get this done properly. 

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