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Do Satellite Phones Work Everywhere?


If you’re a over of satelite phones, then I believe you’ve asked this question at one pointor the other.

Satellite phones were designed to function without relying on cell phone towers on the ground. Due to this, they are considered to come in handy in communicating regardless of where you might be.  Although satellite phones theoretically work everywhere on the face of the earth, are they able to actually work perfectly regardless of where you are?

Can Satellite Phones Work Anywhere?

Satellite phones might be considered great for making calls regardless of here you might be. However, there are places you might find yourself which might make it difficult or impossible to make a call with your satellite phone.  

There are not a lot of places where satellite phones can’t function. You might never find yourself in any of these places. However, if for any reason you go to a place like the Krubera Cave in Georgia, you might be unable to get the signals that are needed to make calls with a satellite phone. That’s not all. In some parts of South Americas and India, you might not get signals on your satellite phone. Additionally, if you are very deep in the oceans, you might be unable to make calls with a satellite phone as signals have limits to how deep they can go.

Since a couple of the places where satellite phones can’t work are places you might never visit, you can easily assume that your satellite phone will always work whenever you need it to work. However, this is not the case.  There are times you might be unable to make a call on your satellite phone because you are under a tree with very thick canopies or close to a tall building. While this is significant, it can be solved very easily. All you need to do will be to move one step away and you will be fine. 

Areas Where You are Not Allowed to Use Satellite Phones

If you own a satellite phone, you might be unable to use it in certain environments because of their terrain. In as much as terrain is a major determinant of how well you can use a satellite phone, it is not the only factor that could stand in your way of getting all that a satellite phone has to offer. Sometimes, you might be unable to use a satellite phone because of the country you are in. 

If you find yourself in China, then, using a satellite phone will be impossible. In as much as satellite phones are expected to work in China, possessing one is illegal. So, it is virtually impossible to enjoy what satellite phones have to offer in China. 

Do Satellite Networks Make Use of the Same Coverage?

The coverage that a satellite phone gets is definitely going to have an effect on how well you can use it and where it works. All satellite phones do not make use of the same coverage. This implies that if you find yourself in areas where the network coverage that you make use of is not very strong, making a call with your satellite phone might be difficult.

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