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One thing to bear in mind before purchasing these radios, or even reading this Cobra CXT195 review at all is that of all receivers CXT195 is not designed in any medium for calling in naval gunfire or artillery rounds upon the enemy, or for an international spy mission.

So that would make you remember that the functionality of this radio is limited. It even has some of its limitations written out on the back of the package. No surprises!

If you followed through what the manufacturer said, you would find out that it is just as small does.

But, here we are, after using the Cobra CXT195, we think you would like to follow our experience and see if buying this is worth it.

Cobra Microtalk CXT195 Review

Appearance and Description

A typical Cobra CXT195 usually comes in black colors and grey buttons, but if you are lucky enough, or fashion-conscious if I may say, then you can get the orange buttoned CXT 195.

The size of the radio is 5 inches long, 1.5 inches deep, which, as you can see, is a petite size. Even kids’ hands would feel comfortable around them.

The body is made of hard plastic and rubber buttons. Though, it could break if handled too carelessly. So the durability depends on the usage.

As a radio user, the first thing you look for in a radio, the PTT button is located on the left side of the radio, where you can easily see and use it. And on the right side of the radio is the USB port for charging.

It has an easy to understand face that displays everything as if it were a manual. The labeled buttons on the front can toggle the display. On the top left of the radio is the call button.

Under that is the mode that allows you to change from listening when someone is speaking and speaking when others are ready to receive your voice.

It also doubles as the power button to switch on and off your device.

When you need to scroll up and down the screen, the buttons on the right serve that feature. So you can easily change channels, select menu, and adjust the volume.

Setting up your Radio!

Firstly, when you open the box.

What would receive your welcome is the set of two Cobra CXT195 radios, two sets of 3 rechargeable 300mAh AAA batteries, a USB charging cable (Without adapter) with double connectors to charge both units at once, 2 belt clips, and an owner’s manual.

Well, the first part you would be surprised about in this radio is that setting this up is not hard at all. You insert the batteries, cover the battery compartment with the provided cover, press the power button on the bottom left.

Change the radio channels with the upper right button, and toggle the volume with the bottom right button.

There you go! Ready to transmit! The batteries are already charged, and you needn’t wait to charge it or anything.

Performance of the Cobra CXT195


The range of the device is somehow not reliable. When our team initially started transmitting, we got the best sounds while we were still at the line of sight. But the moment we stopped seeing each other, the radio went static.

We went out testing it in the open. Without obstruction, we got out three-quarters of a mile. In other words, the radios won’t cut it for long-range communication, and it just won’t.

Believe it, or you leave it. So, if you’re relying on the 16-mile range feature, then you’re going to be disappointed.

But, a relief to this is that there are ten NOAA frequencies programmed into the walkie talkies.

So no matter where you are, you would at least get a station to feed you the weather updates of the area.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Cobra cxt195 is not so impressive. After an intensive update from Weather channels, it lived 5 hours the first time I tried it out.

That wasn’t quite as expected, but we felt it was because that was the dormant precharged battery life.

If you charge the NiMH batteries, it will take six hours. Six good hours of uninterrupted charge! And sadly, it wouldn’t spend more than 5 hours.

Six hours of charging for only five hours of intense usage isn’t such a proper fraction.

Another heartbreaking side of the radio is that the battery saving feature of the radio is impotent.

It doesn’t function as much as it should. So I would advise you to get extra disposable alkaline cells anytime you need to use them for an extended period.


This feature is well, an impressive one. The screen of the device is small. So small that you could cover the LCD screen with your thumb!

So small. But this isn’t a disadvantage for the radio doesn’t need a larger screen.

Since the device has only limited menu functions; It’s relatively easy to make out the numbers clearly on the screen, and you’d still be able to see what’s on the LCD under low light conditions. So the size of the screen doesn’t hinder display.

Other Notable Features Of the Cobra CXT195

  • Free 22 channels with extended range
  • Functional Weather radio
  • Has a dedicated channel 9 for all emergencies
  • Added call alert to notify when the transmission is incoming.
  • Roger beep indicates to other receivers it’s clear to talk
  • Automatically switches to battery mode if there are no transmissions within 10 seconds
  • AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries included
  • USB charger included.

Thing You’ll Like

  • No programming involved!
  • Very affordable.
  • Convenient for small hands.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dual power.
  • 10 NOAA Weather Alerts.
  • Compact design.

Things You Might Not Like

  • Poor range
  • Unimpressive battery life.

Conclusion -Cobra CXT195 Review

I wouldn’t say that the Cobra CXT195 is an unserious radio. Like I said earlier, this radio has not promised you heaven and earth. It is not the best 2-way communication device if long-range communication is what you want.

Both in range and battery life, it doesn’t stand for so long. But the radio is an excellent go for anyone trying to communicate with their children without exposing them to the use of mobile phones.

Maybe during vacation or camping. It can even still be used for car-to-car communication during road trips, provided the cars wouldn’t stray too far from each other.

The USB feature makes it easy to charge. And you can still use extra Alkaline batteries to extend the usage.

I would only recommend this radio for someone looking for just some radio for domestic use or not too serious use. Nevertheless, if you’re not so bothered with the short-range, you could consider getting one.

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