Cobra 18WXSTII Review (Cost Effective CB Radio)

Cobra 18 WXSTII CB radio is a feature-rich, all-in-one radio that will give you exactly what you want. To almost every car enthusiast, this is like everyone’s favorite CB radio. What we like about this radio is its affordability and the fact that you are getting a feature-rich CB radio without breaking the bank. This radio is ideal for in-dash mounting. If you are looking for a cheap, reliable CB radio that you want to tuck under your SUV dashboard, you should stay tuned for this Cobra 18WXSTII review.

First of all, what is a CB radio?

Citizens Band Radio or CB radio is a two-way communication system you can use for personal and public use. It allows you to communicate from the comfort of your vehicle to users of CB radio. A CB radio functions as a transmitter and a receiver, which means that you can send and receive messages. The first CB radio was created in 1958 by FCC, and since then, it has been in use.

If you ask whether you need a license to operate a CB radio, the answer is no. The FCC used to issue licenses for CB radios, but since discontinued.

There is one tremendous benefit of using a CB radio that you can’t find in other communication devices. First of all, you can’t rely on a mobile network if you travel off-road because there is usually no or bad cellular reception. If you got involved in a situation that requires rapt attention, your mobile phone would be useless.

That is why you need a CB radio. You will need a CB radio to send messages and communicate with nearby CB radio users. A CB radio like Cobra 18 WXSTII has a dedicated channel that lets you report any emergent road situation. It is a great emergency communication device and a life-saver too.

A Cobra 18 WXSTII CB radio allows you to figure out routes and keep traffic in check to use alternative routes. You also get weather reports and alerts from the 10 NOAA weather channels, and if you are bored from a long road journey or lonely in the countryside, you can talk to other CB radio users in the area through the transmitter. The Cobra 18 WXSTII is indeed a friend in times of need.


When you first hold this CB radio in your hand, you will immediately fall in love with the design. The design on this CB radio is one of the factors that would attract you. The black, sleek, compact design is one of the selling points of this CB radio. Beauty aside, the CB radio is rugged and looks solid.

Though small, size won’t affect the performance. Moreover, the small size means that it won’t take so much space in your dash. The CB radio’s dimension would easily fit into any vehicle, whether it’s an SUV or a truck.

Another thing that you will notice on the radio is the heavy-duty mic designed like the head of a cobra that comes with the radio. This mic comprises of all the controls that you will need to operate the radio fully.

If you have fairly big fingers, you might encounter a small issue using the small buttons, but you are at an advantage with slim fingers. Irrespective of your finger’s size, you will get used to the buttons once you use them more frequently.


The Cobra 18WXSTII packs a lot of useful features, tailored for your needs. It features a front-facing speaker, ten weather channels, dual-channel monitoring, and 40 CB radio channels that lets you stay glued to the radio while on the road.

Should you travel on the road and the weather becomes terrible, the radio will give you real-time weather updates through the 10 NOAA weather channels. You would be warned ahead of time if the weather in the route you are following is favorable or not. There is instant access to emergency and information on channel 9 and channel 19 as well. All you need is a click of the button.

The auto-scan feature’s availability will easily scan all the 40 CB radio channels in a bit that are pre-installed on the radio. Once it’s done scanning, you will receive a signal, and you will be able to see the signal strength, channel number, etc. on display, although it’s not clear most times.

Furthermore, there is a sound tracker system that eliminates noise in the background for clear communication. So there is no static interference if you are receiving weather updates.


If there is anything straightforward about the Cobra 18 WXSTII, it’s the installation process. The CB radio is not complicated to install in your vehicle’s dash, and if you are still finding it difficult to install it, there is a Cobra 18 WXSTII manual guide in the pack.

You would need an antenna, coax table, antenna spring, the U-shaped mounting bracket to mount your radio, and others in installing the CB radio. Also, there’s one more thing that you should be aware of and the Cobra 18 WXSTII tuning. Before you start using a CB radio, you need to tune it, and because there is no SWR meter on the radio, it would become impossible to use the radio. So you would need to purchase an SWR meter to enable you in the tunning of the radio. Generally, the Cobra 18 WXSTII wirings and installation are simple.


The range on this CB radio is incredible and one of the best things people love about the radio. It can connect with nearby CB radio users that are 3 miles apart. Sometimes, it can go beyond 3 miles if you are in an open area without any obstructions or interruptions, and if your radio has a strong antenna. For a CB radio that’s cheap, this is highly impressive.

Cobra 18WXSTII Review

There is nothing better than having a device that solves all your communication needs. If you are looking for a CB radio that you won’t break the bank for, the Cobra 18 WXSTII is all that you need.

The design is amazing, and all the features are well laid out. It’s stylish and compact enough to fit into your dashboard. The size makes it easy to mount, which promotes convenience.

No one wants a radio that would bring inconvenience. The speaker sits on the front panel with the volume and squelch control knob below the display. There are also dedicated buttons for emergency access o channels 9 and 19, a large tuner, and another dedicated button for NOAA weather updates.

The radio comes pre-installed with 40 CB radio channels. With the auto-scan feature, you can automatically get all the available radio channels in your area in minutes. The range is good, and in a clear or open area, you can get good coverage of up to 3 miles. Communication is clear in an unobstructed area, and with the sound tracker and the noise cancellation features, the quality of your communication is improved.

You won’t have any issue with installation and connecting the mic to the radio is simple. Plus, the radio is a dual watch CB radio, which means that you can monitor two radio channels simultaneously.

Overall, this is a CB radio that will greatly satisfy all your communication needs. It’s a low-budget radio that you can count on.


  • Dual Watch Channel – This is one uncommon feature, even among the high-cost CB radios. This feature lets you monitor two radio channels simultaneously. That means that you can easily switch between channels.
  • NOAA Weather Channel – Cobra 18 WXSTII has NOAA weather and emergency radio functions that provide you with frequent weather updates. This is beneficial to those who love camping and doing other outdoor activities.
  • Has Sound Tracker System – Noise weakens signals, and when the signals are weakened, communication is hampered. That is why the sound tracker system, coupled with the noise cancellation feature, is incorporated into this CB radio – to ensure that communication is clear and precise and filters through static background noise.
  • Auto-Scan – Can’t find any local radio channel? Don’t worry. The auto-scan feature will immediately scan the channels available. There are 40 CB radio channels available on this radio. You can switch between channels for any information.


  • The design is compact and durable.
  • It’s affordable.
  • The radio comes with noise elimination features to reduce the occurrence of static noise.
  • Easy installation and simple to use.
  • Has dedicated channels for emergency access.
  • The mic cord is lengthy, which promotes convenience.


  • This CB radio doesn’t come with an antenna. You would have to purchase separately.
  • The display is small and outdated. You would have to strain your eyes to read the screen.


This Cobra 18WXSTII review has provided you with an in-depth analysis of this awesome recreational CB radio. This radio is a convenient solution to all your communication problems, whether it’s outdoors or emergencies. It’s sleek, compact, and comes with unique features that would make communication easier. The buttons are clearly defined, and you won’t have any issue communicating with the long mic cord.

It’s easy to install as far as size goes, and we recommend it for those looking for low-budget CB radio to handle their communication needs.

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