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Can You Bring Walkie Talkies on a Plane: Detailed Answer


A lot of walkie-talkie users have asked the question – can you bring walkie-talkies on a plane? Well, the answer to that question has been carefully answered in this post.

The average person might associate walkie-talkies with law enforcement agencies. Nonetheless, law enforcement officers are not the only ones that make use of walkie-talkies. Bad people also use walkie-talkies. Going by this, when a set of people are looking to cause mayhem in a region, they could travel to the region either as a group or individually with their walkie-talkies. While this is not always the case, it could happen. 

Since walkie-talkies are not exclusive to security personnel, you could look like a criminal if you are found randomly with a walkie-talkie. The fact that people with walkie-talkies can be suspicious has made several people wonder if it is okay for them to bring a walkie-talkie on a plane

Read on to find out the possibility of bringing your walkie-talkie along when travelling by air. 

Can You Bring Walkie Talkies on a Plane?

How to Travel with a Walkie Talkie

All things being equal, walkie talkies are allowed on a flight. If you have any plans of flying with a walkie-talkie, you will need to have the walkie talkie in carry-on bags.  Furthermore, before flying commences, you will need to place the walkie talkie in a bin for X-ray screening. 

You are not limited to simply carrying your walkie talkie in a carry-on bag.  You can also move it in checked luggage. In as much as there are no rules that state you cannot have your walkie talkie in checked luggage, you might not want to keep valuable stuff in a piece of checked luggage as they could get missing.

One more thing, lots of walkie talkies make use of lithium batteries and this could be a problem. Will you be travelling with a walkie talkie that makes use of lithium batteries? If yes, then, you have to bear in mind that you cannot have loose lithium batteries in checked bags. That’s not all. When installed, lithium batteries can be carried in hold luggage. If you must do this, it is important that your walkie talkie is not one that will get turned on accidentally.  If this happens, it might overheat and this could lead to a fire. 

Dealing with Lithium Batteries that Come with Walkie Talkies

Lithium batteries that are used in walkie-talkies can be an issue on a plane. This makes it important that you know exactly how to deal with them. When travelling with lithium batteries for up to 100 watt-hours, there will be no reason to worry.

Since you will have these batteries in your carry-on bag, it is expedient that you know just how it should be placed to avoid any issues. Once you are close to getting on the plane, you will be told to take out this battery from the carry-on bag. Once this is done, you will have to place it in the aircraft cabin close to you. This process might look simple. However, it is one that is strictly supervised. The reason for this is to ensure the battery terminals are not close to any short circuits.

Can a Walkie Talkie Explode?

Although this will almost never happen, walkie talkies can actually explode.  When the battery of a walkie talkie is being changed, there could be static induction and this could lead to spark discharge. If this happens in an environment that is flammable, there could actually be an explosion. 

Are There any Walkie Talkies that Do Not Explode?

Yes, some walkie talkies are explosion-proof. These walkie-talkies were designed to be used in environments that are considered to be flammable. 

Conclusion – Can you bring walkie talkies on a plane?

The simpes answer is, Yes!! You can bring your walkie talkies on a plane. However, you are to come along with your batteries as thry MUST be for your personal use only. You can keep them anywhere.- on your carry-on bag or your checked bag.

The most important thing is to ensure that fits under your seat or underneath the overhead bin. The TSA, however, has set up some rules, having instructions on the battery sizes and quantity, which you have to bring in. This is to make sure that you have a worry-free travel.

NB: Airlines differs, some may have additional guidelines.

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