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Can Walkie Talkies Pick Up CB Radio Signals


Walkie Talkies are one of the most brilliant inventions that still exist today. They have provided an easy means to communicate wirelessly through radio signals over certain distances. Security operatives, staff in large corporations, families, and friends use this handy piece of equipment to communicate with each other. But recently, people began to ask if walkie talkies could pick up CB radios and in this article on can walkie talkies pick up CB radios, I will explain in detail the possibility and other helpful information. 

A walkie talkie operates by sending and receiving radio signals. It means that any radio signal around a walkie talkie can be picked up by the walkie talkie. On this note, it is safe to say that walkie talkies can pick up CB radio. And this is not an assumption. It is a proven fact backed by a basic knowledge of physics that walkie talkies can pick up CB radio signals. 

You may have been using your walkie talkie to communicate with your friend, colleague, employee, or family member and noticed you were getting signals from a different source other than the person you are communicating with. If you have encountered something like this, it is because your walkie talkie interfered with a different radio signal other than the one coming from the person you are trying to get feedback from. 

I will show you why it is possible for walkie talkies to pick up CB radio signals and other radio signals. We may go back to some physics on the way. It is not something you cannot comprehend. Also, I will provide clarity to all sides of the walkie talkie vs CB radio signal debate. Ready to become tech-savvy? Let’s go. 

Can Walkie Talkie Pick Up CB Radio?

Walkie talkies can pick up CB radio signals and here’s why. Citizens Band (CB) Radio is a two-way radio service that has been around for decades. It operates in the 27 MHz band, which is different from the FRS/GMRS radio frequency bands (which are also available in handheld radios). Walkie Talkie also operates on the 27 MHz bands, making it easy for a walkie talkie to pick up CB radio signals. 

If you have a walkie talkie and you are using it around the same time or within the bandwidth of a CB radio, it is very possible to listen to what the sender from the CB radio is saying. You can easily listen to any conversation that is going on between CB radios with your walkie talkie. 

In Physics, there is a phenomenon called Radio Frequency (RF) interference where it is possible for someone to receive radio waves or signals from a transmitter simply because you are on the same frequency as the transmitter. A walkie talkie is a radio and it can receive radio signals. Provided the walkie talkie is properly angulated in the frequency of a CB radio, it can pick up the signals and hear the message the transmitter is sending. 

Since a walkie talkie can pick up CB radio signals, it is normal to think of the possibility of a walkie talkie communicating with a CB radio. Maybe someone is in an emergency, has a walkie talkie, and discovers there is a CB radio in the area. Can they communicate with the CB radio? To call for help or something. 

Can Walkie Talkie Communicate with CB Radios?

Long ago, before technological advancements intensified, the defunct walkie talkies and CB radios could communicate with each other. Today, it is difficult to establish a communication line between a walkie talkie and a CB radio. Formally, walkie talkies were actually handheld CB radios. In those days, it was easy to own a walkie talkie that could communicate with a CB radio. 

The brand of walkie talkies produced today is not designed to fully operate on the CB radiofrequency. You could interfere with a CB radio signal and get the information being transmitted, but a communication line may not be established. In essence, a walkie talkie user can hear what is being transmitted from a CB radio but may not be able to send feedback. 

Can a CB Radio Communicate with a Walkie Talkie?

Well, in the sense of transmitting a message from a CB radio to a walkie talkie, then a CB radio can communicate with a walkie talkie. However, you cannot guarantee that a communication line will be established or that the walkie talkie will get the message transmitted. 

I established earlier that due to Radio Frequency (RF) interference, a walkie talkie can pick up CB radio signals. But it ends at merely picking up the signals. The walkie talkie may not be able to send any message to the CB radio. It would be a one-way communication channel if a CB radio attempts to communicate with a walkie talkie. 

Before we even worry about the communication between a CB radio and a walkie talkie, how are we sure the walkie talkie will be able to pick up the CB radio signals? The best answer I can give to this question is NO. A CB radio cannot communicate with a walkie talkie even though walkie talkies may pick up CB radio signals. 

Can You Hear Walkie Talkie on CB Radio?

There is no certainty that you could pick walkie talkie signals from a CB radio. The biggest source of interference between walkie talkies and CB radios is that both devices transmit at around 27 MHz — close enough for one device’s signal to interfere with another’s the transmission. This is especially true if you’re using an older model walkie-talkie that operates within the same frequency range as CB radios.

Older walkie talkies interacted with CB radios, but the sort of walkie talkies in vogue are unable to communicate with CB radios. They could pick up CB radio signals, but hearing walkie talkies on CB radio is not a possibility. 

Can CBS and Walkie Talkie Communicate Together?

Modern walkie talkies cannot communicate with CB radios. In the 1900s, walkie talkies were portable CB radios, which allowed people to use them to communicate with each other. Then, if you wanted to communicate with a CB radio using your walkie talkie, you needed to tune your walkie talkie to the same frequency as the CB radio. This means using the same channels for each device.

However, walkie talkies are developed with lesser capabilities of being tuned to interact with CB radios. Hence, it is difficult for CBs and walkie talkies to communicate together. Walkie talkies can pick up CB radio signals, but no communication can be established. 

Can Walkie Talkie Pick Up Other Signals?

Walkie talkies can pick up every radio signal as long as it is within its frequency range. You can get CB radio signals and even police walkie talkie signals if your walkie talkie is within range or on the same frequency. 


Picking up unfamiliar signals on your walkie talkie? You have seen that it could be a CB radio signal or any other radio wave transmitted on the same frequency as your walkie talkie. For emphasis, it is possible for a walkie talkie to pick up a CB radio signal, but you may not be able to communicate to a CB radio from your walkie talkie. 

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