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Can kid walkie talkies pick up other signals?


I get the question, can kid walkie talkies pick up other signals always, and in this article, I’ll be giving an answer to that question.

Kid walkie talkie picking up unfamiliar signals? That should not cause a worry because, with walkie talkies, you can expect to pick up signals that may lurk around the same frequency as your walkie talkie. I once heard my kids’ walkie talkies emitting sounds that were not for them. This continued for some time. A transmitter will be sending a message and some part of the message will be echoed from my kids’ walkie talkies. If you have encountered this problem before or you are encountering it, a possible question on your mind would be – can kid walkie talkies pick up other signals?

The simple and short answer to whether kid walkie talkies can pick up other signals or not is Yes. this is possible because walkie talkies send and receive messages as radio signals or waves on a frequency. Like walkie talkies, other radio devices could be sending signals via the same frequency. As such, a walkie talkie’s signal could be interfered with by other radio signals on its frequency, allowing the walkie talkie to emit the waves from the external transmitter. 

That may be a great deal of information to swallow, but I promise to break down everything I have said above into tiny, small bits of information so that you can fully articulate it. There is no danger when your kid’s walkie talkie starts to pick up other signals. It is a normal occurrence which takes place when two radio devices emitting waves interfere with each other on the same frequency. 

Aside from explaining how it is possible for kid walkie talkies to pick up other signals, I will also share helpful details on whether walkie talkies can be tapped, whether they can be used to pick up CB radio signals, police radios, and how they work generally. I am adding quite a number of important details so that at the end of this article, you will go with more information than you bargained for.

Can kid walkie talkies pick up other signals?

Can Kid Walkie Talkies Pick Up Other Signals?

Yes. You can expect your kid’s walkie talkie to pick up other signals because it operates by sending and receiving radio waves in a frequency. Other radio devices function in this same manner. From CB radios, UHFs, VHFs, and so on. Anytime a radio device transmits signals on a frequency and another radio tunes to the same frequency, there would be a Radio Frequency (RF) interference. 

During this interference, a radio can pick up the signals of another radio even though the message was not sent to it. This is why your kid’s walkie talkie can pick up other radio signals. When radio waves are travelling from one radio to another, a different radio, such as your child’s walkie talkie, can pick up the signals if it is tuned to the same frequency.

So when you begin to hear your kid’s walkie talkie producing unfamiliar sounds or a transmission that is not from a likely source, you ought not to fret. It is possible your kid’s walkie talkie has interfered with a transmission. Since a walkie talkie is designed to send and receive radio waves, it is probably doing so. 

Can Walkie-Talkies Be Tapped?

Walkie-Talkies can be tapped. They operate on radio channels that are free-for-all and anyone within range of the transmission of walkie-talkies that has one also can intercept and listen to the message being transmitted. The radio waves are used to transmit messages on walkie-talkies that can be intercepted by any radio within range or on the same frequency as the walkie talkies communicating. 

You do not need any sophisticated technology to tap into a walkie talkie. By using any walkie talkie and being on the same frequency and within range, you can eavesdrop on the communication of other walkie talkies. 

Can kid walkie talkies pick up other signals?

How to Eavesdrop on Walkie Talkies

A walkie talkie is a two-way radio that is used to communicate over short distances. These devices are often used in the field for business and military purposes, but they can also be used by individuals for personal use. A walkie talkie is a great way to keep in touch with someone who is out of sight or hearing range.

To eavesdrop on walkie talkies, you only need to be on the same frequency as other walkie talkies and within range. You do not need any special equipment or training. This makes it possible for anyone to listen in on private communications between users of these devices. When walkie talkies are communicating, everyone else with a similar set-up will hear what they’re saying as long as they’re within range. 

Hence, you can eavesdrop on any walkie talkie provided you are within range and on the same frequency. 

Can Walkie Talkies Pick Up Police Radio?

A walkie talkie can pick up police radio chatter if the walkie talkie is built on the same trunking system and frequency as the police radio. If a walkie talkie supports the kind of trunking system that the police radio supports, you are one shot at being able to pick up a police radio with your walkie talkie. Sadly, walkie talkies today are not built that way. 

Aside from being on the same trunking system as police radios, picking up police radio signals with your walkie talkie will require some level of programming and tuning. You would need to have the “system key” that the trunking system uses. Only the system administrator of the police radio has that, and if you are to get it, you either have to be the police department of another state or city, not a regular individual looking to be adventurous. 

Frankly, you may dabble into some illegalities if you want to be able to pick up the police radio with your walkie talkie. Your kid’s walkie talkie cannot pick up any form of police radio chatter and other advanced walkie talkies must be programmed to do so. 

Can Walkie Talkies Pick Up Other Walkie Talkies?

Yes, walkie-talkies can pick up other walkie-talkies. The reason is that all walkie-talkies operate on the same frequency, so they can hear each other. The only way to prevent this is to use a different frequency or channel for each walkie-talkie. If your walkie talkie is on the same channel as other walkie talkies and you are within range, you can pick up any message sent. 

If you want to have secured communication, you cannot bank on walkie talkies. Anyone within range can eavesdrop on your communication seamlessly. 


Walkie-talkies are becoming more popular with each passing year. Two-way radios are great for so many purposes, but they can have one drawback: signal interference. Due to signal interference, you can expect a kid walkie talkie to pick up other signals other. There is no secured frequency for walkie talkies. Any radio within the frequency and range of any walkie talkie can pick what the transmitter is sending. 

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