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Best Walkie Talkies for Road Trip


Road trips can be a lot of fun. This is not always the case. However, the adventure involved in making a trip by road can actually be fun. Regardless of how much satisfaction you might obtain from making a trip by road, being on the road is a lot different from being in the comfort of your home. It does not matter how comfortable the vehicle you are in is. 

When going on a road trip, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Also, there are things you should have handy to ensure that you get the best out of a trip. The various tools anyone going on a road trip needs to get are all important and will help meet various needs. Since communication is also important on a road trip, it makes sure that you are in touch with everyone you are travelling with, you will need to get the right tool for communication. 

There are various tools that can be used in communicating when on a road trip. Of these tools, one of the most trusted is the walkie talkie. While it might not be as smooth as a regular phone, it is a tool that can work in places with no network coverage. This means regardless of what part of town you are in or how bad the network is around you, you can always communicate with those you are going on a road trip with.

Although a walkie talkie is generally considered to be a good tool for people looking to communicate, if you must get the best that a walkie talkie has to offer, you will have to get the best walkie talkie in the market. Contained in this article are some of the best walkie talkies for road trips. Let’s find out what they are.

Best Walkie Talkies for Road Trip

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Walkie Talkies for Road Trip

Selecting the best walkie talkie for road TRIPS is not as simple as walkie into a store and picking a walkie talkie that catches your eyes. You will have to put a lot of factors into consideration if you intend to get the best walkie talkie for road trips.

Why is this important?

Well, there are several good walkie talkies on shelves all over supermarkets. This is something I am certain you are aware of.  However, the fact that a walkie talkie is generally good does not necessarily mean it is good for what you want a walkie talkie for. So, to make sure you get things done perfectly when shopping for a walkie talkie for road trips, take a look at the factors below.

Emergency Features

When on a road trip, there could b a number of emergencies and you really cannot tell what emergencies you will be dealing with. So, it is best you get ready.  The right walkie talkies for road trips come with emergency features. These emergency features can come in handy at various times in your trip.

As much as you can get a lot from a walkie talkie that does not have emergency features, you might not get all that you can enjoy from a walkie talkie if it lacks emergency features

Durability and Performance

The durability of a walkie talkie is something you have to pay a lot of attention to before buying it. Sometimes you might be carried away by how aesthetically pleasing the design of a walkie talkie is and might not pay attention to how long it can last. Nonetheless, you have to note that a walkie talkie that cannot last for a long time will not help you get value for your money. This is regardless of how many features it comes with.

That’s not all. You must consider how well a walkie talkie can perform before you buy it.  Can it work under pressure? Is it resistant to shock, or is resistant to water and dust? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself and come up with an answer to before buying any walkie talkie. 

Hands-Free Features

The place of a hands-free device while on a road trip cannot be overstated.  People far from home are known to be cautious and might always want to have their hands free. Since you most likely want to have your hands free when on a road trip, you will need to get a walkie talkie that gives you the freedom to do just that. 

Consider your Aim

Everyone getting a walkie talkie has a primary purpose for doing so. And it is important that you consider your reason for getting a walkie talkie before paying for one. If you do not have a definite reason for getting a walkie talkie, you just might be unable to get one that is right for you. 

Also, at what point will you be making use of a walkie talkie? Having an answer to this question will help you know the exact characteristics to look out for. 

Best Walkie Talkies for Road Trip

Best Walkie Talkies for Road Trip

1. MOTOROLA Talkabout T402 Rechargeable Two-Way Radios (2-Pack)

This device is great for anyone that wants to stay connected to a group of people doing very physical activities. Well, it is not just limited to people that want to maintain communication while taking part in physical activities. It is also good for people that are on a road trip together and will not want to lose contact. 

With the MOTOROLA talkabout T402 rechargeable two-way radios, you get to enjoy a range of up to 35 miles. Also, you do not need to do a lot to connect with friends on a journey with you. All you really have to do is push a button and you will have the connection you need. As much as this device comes with a range of 35 miles, you might not exactly enjoy a range of 35 miles as there might be obstructions in your environment.


  • It comes with an IP54 weatherproof feature
  • It features a micro USB charging port
  • It weighs 6.9 ounces
  • It measures 7.54 by 2.26 1.37 inches


  • It is weatherproof
  • It can be used easily
  • It has a good battery life
  • It has a good sound


  • It is quite fragile

Verdict: Since this product is a bit fragile, you will need to be really careful so it is able to last as long as you want it to.

2. Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack

This product is not in any way difficult to use. So, you do not need to be an expert at using walkie talkies to get the best out of it. If you are looking to get a product that can come in handy in ensuring that your family stays together during a road trip, the Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack is a product that can do you a lot of good.

This walkie talkie is compact and is not limited to just being used when on a road trip. It can be used for several other outdoor activities.  With a range of up to 15 miles, this device offers users 22 channels. So, you will never be stranded so long as you have one on you. That’s not all. You can decide to make use of a triple pack or a twin pack


  • It features call tones
  • It features a low battery alert
  • It features a keypad lock
  • It measures 1.1 by 1.91 by 5.22 inches
  • It weighs 4 ounces


  • It is easy to use
  • It has good sound quality
  • It can be used easily
  • It is durable
  • It offers value for money
  • Its battery is long-lasting


  • Changing the battery might be difficult.

Verdict: This product is quite on the high side. However, if you can afford to pay for it, getting it will definitely be a good idea. 

3. Midland GXT1000VP4 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio – Up to 36 Mile Range Walkie Talkie

This product comes in a pack of six walkie talkies, making it perfect for a family or group of six adults.  It is waterproof and is a walkie talkie that is guaranteed to help you enjoy communicating with great sound. With its waterproof feature, you have no need to worry about splashing water or light rain destroying it.  Furthermore, with this radio come a communication range of 36 miles, 142 privacy codes, 10 call alerts, 50 GMRS channels, and an SOS siren.

If you are looking to talk to just one member of the group without others being disturbed, you can make use of the whisper feature of this product. It gives you room to talk to just one person without the rest of the group being alerted.

To get this pack fully charged, you will need to plug it in for 12 hours. Once fully charged, it can be used for 11 hour


  • It features a range of 36 miles
  • It measures 33 by 9.3 by 11. 6 inches
  • It weighs 6.19 pounds


  • It is sturdy
  • It is made from good materials
  • It is durable
  • Good battery life 
  • Good sound quality


  • It is pricey. 

What are the Benefits of Having a Walkie Talkie for Road Trips?

The fact that you are on a road trip is most likely an indication that you are not close to your house. This could also mean comfort is not anywhere close by. You might be used to making use of smartphones and have perhaps never had to stay without a smartphone. If you fall into the category of people that will always choose a smartphone over any other communication device, there is a likelihood that you perhaps do not know exactly what a walkie talkie can do for you.

Well, there are quite a number of benefits that you can get from using a walkie talkie when on a road trip. Some of these benefits are;


 A lot can happen when one is on a road trip. Also, your safety might never be a hundred per cent when you are far from home. This makes it important that you take any step that can help you feel safe. 

With a walkie talkie, you will get very trusted communication. However, beyond the communication simply being trustworthy,   a walkie talkie can help with your safety. 

How is this possible?

Some walkie talkies come with emergency features that you can take advantage of if you get into trouble while on a road trip.  An example of these features is the SOS alert. Also, some walkie talkies come with natural disasters and weather updates.

Reliable Connection

Everyone that has been on a road trip knows for a fact that communication is not as stable as the average person would want it to be. Sometimes, it is perfect, other times, it is really unstable. When you are trying to communicate with a phone, you will always have to deal with the fluctuations associated with smartphones. If you do not want to have anything to do with this fluctuation, you simply need to get a walkie talkie and you will be able to have seamless communications 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Okay to Use walkie Talkies Internationally?

Technologically, walkie talkies can work internationally.  However, when a walkie talkie is bought in the United States, making use of it in another country is considered illegal. Going by this, if you will be making a road trip that will cause you to go from one country to another, you might want to buy walkie talkie when you get to a new country. 

What is the Significance of the WX Signal on a Walkie Talkie?

When you see the ‘WX’ sign on a walkie talkie, it is an indication that such a walkie talkie was designed to receive national weather alerts

Can Walkie Talkies be used when driving?

Yes, you can make use of walkie talkie while on the wheels. To do this, it is best you make use of one with hands-free features.  Also, t is important that you’re able to get this done without your driving being affected. 


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