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Best Walkie Talkies for 4 Year Olds – Tested and Trusted


It is not out of place for the average person to think walkie talkies are only for adults. This notion is not a new one and is really widespread.  Regardless of how long it has been existing and how widespread it is, the fact is walkie talkies are not just for adults. Children can use them too. 

Although a walkie talkie is not the same as a cell phone, sometimes, it can be used as a replacement for a cell phone. So, if you have a kid that seems keen on getting a cell phone and you know that such a kid is not ready for a cell phone yet, one thing you can do is to get them a walkie talkie. Kids that own a walkie talkie can stay in touch with their parents and siblings even when they are under one roof. 

While your kids can always communicate with a walkie talkie when they are under one roof, walkie talkies are not limited to use by people that are just under a roof.  They can be used by people that are not in the same building so long as the buildings are not far from one another.  Since walkie talkies can be used by people in the same environment but in different buildings, you can always stay in touch with your children when they do not have phones and are visiting a friend in the same environment. If they will be coming back later than planned for any reason, it will be easy for them to tell you. In the same vein, if you need them to come back earlier than planned, you can always reach out to them easily.

Now, a phone might be able to do all that a walkie talkie can do for kids.  However, walkie talkies are quite different. Phones can be a distraction to kids. Walkie talkies, on the other hand, can help kids communicate properly with their parents without any issues of distraction coming up.

Knowing all that your four-year-old kid can achieve with a walkie talkie is great. However, that is not good enough. It is vital that you know just the right walkie talkie for your four-year-old kid. 

That being said, contained in this article are some of the best walkie talkies for 4 year olds. Let’s find out what they are.

Best Walkie Talkies for 4 Year Olds

Buyer’s Guide For the Best Walkie Talkies for 4 Year Olds

Selecting walkie talkies for children is a lot different from doing the same for adults. While a good number of the rules that apply to selecting walkie talkies for adults apply to choosing walkie talkies for four-year-olds, there are several other factors you will need to consider when buying a walkie talkie for your 4 year olds. 

Some of the factors you have to put into consideration n when shopping for a walkie talkie for 4 year olds are;

What Number of Walkie Talkies will be Ideal

Before going ahead to buy a walkie talkie for a four year old, you will need to know exactly the number of walkie talkies that you need. If you have a four year old child, there is a huge likelihood that such a child is not the only one that will be using the walkie talkie. With this in mind, you will need to know the exact number of people that you intend to use a walkie talkie with before settling for any brand. 

When trying to decipher the number of walkie talkies that you will need, you have to consider the number of children in your household, as well as the fact that you might need one for yourself. That’s not all. Also, if you think you might need one for a system later, you will need to consider this when shopping for a walkie talkie.

Consider Power

There are various ways walkie talkies can be powered. You will have to consider this before spending your hard-earned money on a walkie talkie.  You can either decide to make use of a walkie talkie that comes with rechargeable batteries or one that cannot be recharged.

If you are getting a set of walkie talkies that cannot be recharged, it is important that you invest in a set of batteries for a fixed period. There are quite a number of options so long as powering walkie talkies is concerned. So, all you have to do is pick the one that you think works best for you.

Consider Range

It s not very easy to keep children in a place. Most children have the habit of moving around frequently.  This means you will need to give a lot of attention to the range of a walkie talkie before buying it. Your children might be as close as the next room. Also, they could be as far from you as two different sides of a pitch. The distance cannot be swept under the carpet and one way to ensure that it is not an issue is by ensuring you get a walkie talkie with the right range.

Consider Extra Features

There are several types of walkie talkies. Some come with just the basic features that you expect a walkie talkie to have while others seem rich in extra features. Do you fall into the class of people that seem comfortable with the basic features of a walkie talkie? If yes, then, you can simply settle for one that does not come with a handful of features. On the other hand, if you want a walkie talkie that comes with several extra features, you will need to settle for the brands that have a reputation for having several features.

If you are keen on getting a walkie talkie with several features, you must bear in mind that these walkie talkies might be a little more sophisticated than you are used to. So, you should prepare for the extra work you will need to do to understand all that they have to offer. 

Best Walkie Talkies for 4 Year Olds

1. Walkie Talkie Rechargeable 5 Pack, Long Range Walkie-Talkie For Adults Kids Easy to Use Small 2 Way Radio

This walkie talkie can be used by kids and adults. So, if you get it for your kid, you can always make use of it if you have a need to do so.  It is not a product that you need to be an expert at using walkie talkies to use. It is easy to use. So, virtually everyone can make use of it comfortably. It comes with an earpiece and a USB charging jack. Furthermore, it is portable, durable, and fashionable.

Although kids’ walkie talkies are strongly associated with parents that want to stay connected with their children and give them instructions, it is more than just a tool for doing so.  It can be used in a field where phone signals are not very strong.

This device was designed to support 8 major channels, as well as sub-channels. This way, you get to enjoy 3KM of communication without using wires. Additionally, you do not need to be an expert at using walkie talkies to install it. Virtually everyone that is willing to stay patient can install this walkie talkie.


  • It weighs 2.53 pounds
  • It measures 8.39 by 7.83 by 5.39 inches
  • Features AAA rechargeable batteries. 


  • It is portable
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to use
  • It can be assembled easily


  • It is not waterproof

Verdict: This product is not limited to just kids. It can also be used by adults.

2. Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies for Kids Adults Rechargeable Walkie Talkie with Charger,Ideal Kids

This is a product that can be used by kids between the ages of 3 to 12. You might not want to get it for your kid if they are less than three years old. It is great for kids that regularly go cycling, shopping, fishing, hiking, climbing, etc. It is made of ABS materials. Due to this, it is safe for the environment. This product is compact and all you need to do to get it working is to push a button.

Your children are free to make use of this walkie talkie as many times as they feel like because it comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger. That’s not all. It comes with an auto-scan function and an auto battery feature.


  • It features 22 channels
  • It features a built-in flashlight
  • It weighs 2.56 ounces
  • It measures 6.3 by 1.97 by 0.98 inches


  • It is durable
  • It is safe for kids
  • It offers good value for money
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with several features


  • It is quite expensive

Verdict: Although this product is expensive, you will be getting proper value for any amount you spend on getting it.

3. Walkie Talkies for Kids Rechargeable, Toys for 3-12 Years Old Kids Walkie Talkies

The walkie talkies for kids rechargeable and toys for 3-12 years old kids come with 22 channels and can be used by boys and girls. It is rechargeable and can be on for up to 16 hours when fully charged and used frequently. After being fully charged, if it does not get used frequently, it can stay on for up to 5 days.

This product has a range of more than 2 miles, comes with a noise reduction future, and can be charged by electricity, with a power bank, with a PC, etc.


  • It weighs 10.3 ounces
  • It measures 6.6 by 2 by 6 inches


  • It is portable
  • It can be used easily
  • It offers good value for money
  • Good sound quality


  • It is not very affordable.

Verdict: This might not be the most affordable walkie talkie for 4 year olds. However, it can always get the job done and you will get a lot of value from your money when you get it. 

Getting the Best from a Walkie Talkie For Children

Walkie talkies are indeed beneficial and can be a good replacement for phones when dealing with kids.  As much as they are not as dangerous as phones, there are a couple of precautions you must take when using them if you do not want your children to get into any trouble.

It is expedient that you let your children know that there are boundaries that they should not cross when they make use of walkie talkies.  As much as a child is definitely going to have a sense of freedom when using a walkie talkie, you have to make them understand that there are rules and these rules will stand in their way of visiting certain places.

In addition to letting kids know that owning a walkie talkie is bound by some rules, you will want to think about getting a walkie talkie that comes with privacy code alternatives. With a walkie talkie that has privacy code alternatives, you will be keeping your children safe.

How is this possible?

If you live in an area that seems densely populated and you know your children are not the only ones that might have a walkie talkie. There could be inference and one way to make sure an inference does not affect your communication with your children is to get a walkie talkie with privacy code options.

How To Use a Walkie Talkie with Kids

Kids typically will not use a walkie talkie in the same way that adults would. Adults make use of walkie talkies for a series of important activities. However, the same cannot be said of children. Parents can use walkie talkies to give instructions to their children.  They could also use this device in engaging in fun activities with their children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for Children’s Walkie Talkie to Pick up People’s Conversations?

Yes, your child’s walkie talkie might pick up other people’s conversation. This is not something that happens too frequently. However, it is possible with walkie talkies with short ranges. 

Are Children’s Walkie Talkies Pricey?

When put head to head with the price of regular toys, children’s walkie talkies cannot be said to be expensive. Also, when the fact that they come with lots of perks is considered, they definitely cannot be said to cost much. 

Are Children Safe with Walkie Talkies?

All things being equal, your child is safe with a walkie talkie. However, some walkie talkies have a choking effect on kids that are not up to 2 years. Nonetheless, when kids make use of walkie talkies under supervision, they will not get into any trouble


Playing with walkie talkies might be something that is very strongly associated with kids. However, adults too can make use of walkie talkies for activities that are not so serious. This is even more likely to happen if they are playing alongside kids. 

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