Best Walkie Talkie for Survival [2021 Reviews & Guide]

It is difficult to predict what will happen next. In a world filled with dangers here and there, the best way to go through them without harm is effective communication.

Walkie talkies are preferred over mobile phones because they do not require network service to establish communication with loved ones. However, how can we get the best long range walkie talkie for survival?

When you go out skiing, hunting, or hiking, anything can occur. Since you are far away from home or any first aid, your walkie talkie might be the only helpful device that will see through such a moment.

In a situation where your mobile phone can’t function due to a lack of network services, getting the best walkie talkie for survival becomes priceless.

Also, during natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis, there are always little or no network services. Most victims of these disasters usually tell the tale of losing connection with the world because there was no way to communicate with others.

What makes this kind of walkie talkie different?

Long range walkie talkie for survival is not the same as other two-way radios or kids’ walkie talkies. These walkie talkies are more sophisticated and will cover more distance than the ones for kids.

Since they are meant to keep people alive, the best walkie talkie for survival should be stronger and, more importantly have privacy features that would stop others from listening to private information.

Let’s say a substantial seismic tremor has recently happened, or some sort of violent and troubling militant assault. Phone systems are often down or too crowded to be in any way functional, and your loved ones are absent at the scene.

In this kind of circumstance, a good walkie talkie is the device that can help you find your family, assure you of their proper safety, or in case they are not safe, get them back to wellbeing.

It is normal to have a panic attack during emergencies of this kind, most especially when your loved ones are not close by. You would be bothered about where they are and what has happened to them.

A good walkie talkie will help you overcome these panic thoughts by helping you to establish communication with your family. Rather than wonder where they are, you will be able to talk with them and know about their wellbeing.

Specifically, the best walkie talkie for survival will go about as a crisis focused device if there is either an EMP assault or an atomic explosion or something to that effect.

Researchers caution that an Electro-Magnetic Pulse can possibly clear out network frameworks and leave us in a dystopian world. In a world without any means of communicating, an EMP sealed walkie talkie could be the primary path for you to speak with your friends and family.

Here is a list of the best walkie talkie for survival that will assist you with finding and keep in contact with your family in the midst of an emergency.

Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies for Survival in 2020

 1. Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies– The Best Overall

Having an excellent walkie talkie for survival is priceless. You need the kind of device that can perform multiple functions all at once. The Retevis walkie talkie works with full features, and it is very cost-effective.

The small yet sturdy device is very light and easy to carry about as it is pocket-sized. The exciting part is that both kids and adults would love this device. The antenna is flexible; apart from being unable to break easily, the antenna helps widen this device’s operating range.

The Retevis walkie talkie is a UHF radio with 16 channels. With the knob, you can easily change the channels as wells as switch off the device. The sound system is excellent, and you don’t have to press the PTT (Press To Talk) key to transmit signals.

Also, it comes with CTCSS/DCS privacy codes that give you access to thousands of private channels. Another critical security functionality is the emergency alarm and scanning.

The Retevis walkie talkie for survival includes a 1000mAh battery, two belt clips, and a user manual for everything you need to know about Retevis walkie talkies.


  • Great security features
  • Automatic and fast transmission of messages
  • Access to privacy codes


  • Poor operating range

2. Uniden SX327-2CK Walkie Talkie – The Best Long Range

The best walkie talkie for survival is useless without a more comprehensive operating range. Except you want to use a walkie talkie for toys, you must set your mind to get walkie talkies for long-distance like ten miles.

The Uniden walkie talkie is known for its most extended scope of any of the radios on this rundown. This is the operating range for an ideal environment (height, no negligible obstruction like tall buildings, landscapes, and so on).

Be that as it may, this walkie talkie’s operating range will even now be superior to anything the majority of different models.

 The Uniden long range walkie talkie is waterproof; it can withstand immersion in water for 30 minutes. Even when it is 3 feet underwater, it will still function well. Additionally, the SX507 drifts, so if you mistakenly through it inside water, you won’t have to worry about immediately jumping into the water to retrieve it. It is also a wise selection if you want a device with a good battery.

Being the best long-range walkie talkie is no joke as it can cover an ideal open field for up to 32 miles. The sound is enhanced, and if you need weather alerts, there are the NOAA channels available for use.

Uniden walkie talkie is suitable for serious emergencies that force you to move as far as possible from friends and families.


  • Wider operating range
  • Very durable due to the JIS water-resistant ratings
  • Different emergency functionalities


  • Sometimes, the operating range is not up to 32, but it is more comprehensive than most walkie talkies

3. Arcshell Rechargeable Walkie Talkie – The Best Battery Options

When terror strikes, it best to stay close to the best survival walkie-talkie to get updated information. Without a good battery option, you will miss an important update.

At a stunning cost, you would have the option of getting two sets of this great long-range two-way radio from Arcshell. It is pocket-sized and advantageous to carry around while running or jumping. The device comes with a pre-customized 16-channel frequency, making them quickly usable straight out of the crate.

You would cherish the voice brief that advises you on the channel you are on when you turn the rotational channel selector to change the previous channel. It likewise comes with over 100 programmable security codes to give you hundreds of more channel alternatives.

Each pair of the device from Archell is a 1500 mAh battery that can be easily recharged. When full, it will last for 96 hours on standby.

It additionally accompanies crisis alarms; frequency lock codes; scanning capacity; notification for reduced battery and power-sparing component; prevention against over-charging the walkie talkie; flashlight on top; and high/low power choice.


  • Great battery life
  • Easy to carry and use


  • Poor operating range

4. Greaval Long Range Walkie Talkies – The Best Survival Accessories

If you want a long-range walkie talkie that can perform different functions simultaneously, Greaval walkie talkie is your ideal selection. Emergencies are unpredictable. The best way to overcome this unpredictably is to have a communicating device with several functions.

The total package contains six well-designed walkie talkies, with each of them having 1500 mAh Li-ion batteries. For more functionality, each of the devices has its charging base and hand strap, and belt clips. Also attached are six earpieces and two user manuals.

You are covered for the long journey. There is a flashlight on top and the sound is enhanced with VOX properties.

Greaval is suitable for challenging times where you might be gone for a long time. You need every emergency accessories to make sure you will be safe together with your family members.


  • Multi-purpose walkie talkie
  • Good battery life


  • The operating range is as small as a walkie talkie for kids

5. Floureon Walky Talky – The Best Budgetary 

A good walkie talkie for survival can have several functions and still be cheap. Floureon Walky Talky makes it possible for users to get the device while on a strict budget.

The brightly colored device shows the daily presence of old Femi Kuti. The device comes with 3 AA batteries, which can be bought separately. You will also get a free user guide; this will help you understand the selected product.

It is often used for both adults and their kids’ when going outside for camping or biking. The device comes with NOAA weather channels, VOX functions, Auto squelch, flashlight, and many others.

Pick up this device if you are on a tight budget. It will transmit and receive radio signals exactly like other fanciful and costly walkie talkies for survival.


  • It is cost-efficient
  • The sound is very audible


  • The battery life is not impressive, but you can get more AA batteries along with you.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For The Best Walkie Talkie For Survival

What makes Walkie Talkies Suitable in Emergencies

Communication is the key to survival. In a situation where the grid is not functioning, and servers are out, a two-way radio becomes the only way to get important information in such dark moments.

For survival, you must remember that you should not compromise quality. If a walkie talkie for survival is very costly, note that it is probably sufficient and would function perfectly well at critical times.

Picking a radio that meets your requirements should be your top priority. Depending on what situation it is, the device should be very durable, cover long-range distance and must be

Guidances before the time of Disaster: The NOAA climate channels are computerized government radio frequencies (and explicit to every locale) that give weather details.

During serious climate emergencies like a storm or tsunami, they center solely around giving updates about security situations, unstable regions to keep away from, etc. They likewise provide non-climate info during catastrophic events and give out national security articulations.

Fundamentally, access to these governmental channels is pretty much necessary for people who want to survive the harsh situation and is unquestionably a thought regarding picking the best walkie talkie for survival.

The truth is, practically all two-way radios have this component, so we haven’t referenced it in the individual depictions. Simply remember that most radios will have them, and hence, ignore those ones without them.

In a world that is perhaps on the very edge of a significant war or assault from terrorists in the coming years, and catastrophic events developing in recurrence and quality in numerous cases, a walkie talkie is one of the most important items to put resources into. They are demonstrated in fiasco zones and shown in various sorts of landscapes.

A survival walkie talkie is one of those necessary things to get before an unexpected disaster strike. Disasters are unpredictable; you don’t know when or where the nemesis will occur, and so, it is best to always be on alert and well-prepared.

In our current reality, where media transmission systems have separated, having a powerful method for connecting with others will be the bit of leeway your family needs to remain together and remain secure.

Key features to look out for when buying Survival Walkie Talkies.               

In an emergency, the only thing that will occupy your mind is how to escape. In this kind of situation, you need an efficient long-range two-way radio. However, your location in such a dark moment can affect the working of even the best walkie talkie for survival.

The excellent flow or communication you get in an open space is not the same in thick forests or tall landscapes. In general, obstructions can stop radio waves from penetrating, before buying a walkie-talkie for survival, you must think about what you are escaping from and where you are escaping to.

However, this consideration is not practical in emergencies like natural disasters.

So, what should you do? For survival, an all-purpose two-way radio should be your most preferred choice because some emergencies can happen at any time, and they are beyond our control.

Another primary criterion is the type of radio you need. A GMRS radio has more channels than the FRS unit; most of the channels are private with privacy codes on them.

But, a GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) requires licensing. If not, you would using it illegally. A Family Radio Service (FRS), on the other hand, does not need such a license but is open and not entirely safe to use.

Location and type of radio are the two most important features you must consider if you want the best walkie talkie for survival. Other factors, which are also necessary, include:

Coverage Distance

The coverage distance is critical in walkie talkies. For kids’ walkie talkies, this is not so important. However, survival walkie talkies require a more comprehensive operating range for emergencies.

You have to ignore the producers ‘ official coverage distance. For real-life occurrences, these statistics are impractical. The 15 to 35 miles that you would see can only be achieved in perfect conditions that are nearly difficult to achieve in practice.

The truth is, rough landscape, environment, the existence of barriers, plants, etc., decreases the distance dramatically, wholly or in combination. The strongest you can get from standard two-way radios is three to five miles. In most cases, a mile is ideal.

The connection speed also influences the range. For example, FRS systems are not permitted to send signals using more than 1 Watt of energy. In this scenario, the maximum distance is often a few miles.

The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) two-way radios can send radio waves over long distances because it is easy to change its power settings. You can simply increase this setting to improve its transmission.

The kind of channel

Too many channels can lead to interference, which would make communication very different. Using private channels through privacy codes is much better as you would communicate clear and confidential messages.

So many survival walkie talkies come with 22 channels. Nevertheless, it is not easy to get a free channel even with that amount.

Private channels are almost unlimited as you can get more than 2000 of those free frequencies. You will get a free channel void of intrusion, interference, or unwanted receiver.


Survival walkie talkies do not require flamboyant designs. Colorful walkie talkies are for kids who need to use it as a toy. The only necessary design attachment needed for two-way survival radio is belt clips.

The best walkie talkie for survival should be very convenient to carry about most especially in emergencies where you need your hands while communicating.

It can be challenging to place it in your purse as you would have to unfasten and sift into it to get it back. Besides, if the package is inside your pocket, you can find some interesting forthcoming broadcasts.

Because most times you’d be holding it, it must be able to fit tightly in your palms without becoming slippery.

Furthermore, the style must be aesthetically pleasing, so no matter the gloves you put on, you can keep it safe. You’re probably going to be putting this on frequently.

Battery options

A survival walkie talkie must have extended battery life. You don’t want your meaningful conversations to be cut short abruptly. Most walkie-talkies use li-ion batteries that easily be recharged. However, to stay on the safer side, you should opt for a walkie-talkie that also uses AA and AAA batteries.

With an option like this, you won’t have to worry about a low rechargeable battery, especially in emergencies where you can’t quickly charge it. Therefore, take some of these batteries along with you because they can power your device for several hours.


If your walkie talkie is susceptible to dust and water, it will not be efficient in emergencies. In emergencies, anything can happen; your device can easily fall or enter the water.

The best walkie talkie for survival should be enhanced with IP67 ratings. It should be weatherproof and be able to withstand rainfall, snow, or dust.

Other key emergency features

At night, things can get murky and uncertain without light. A good walkie talkie for survival should have a flashlight handy. This does not rule out that you need a better light source, but it gives you an extra option.

Check out for NOAA weather channels. These channels are included in the best walkie talkie for survivals to update users on the weather changes in their environment.

The Voice and Sound enhancement are needed to receive clear messages without using a headset or holding the walkie talkie. With a belt clip used in hanging your walkie talkie, you will be able to communicate clearly without holding.

One significant feature that is unique to walkie-talkies for survival are emergency alerts. Any time you activate this feature, you will get updated emergency alerts.

FAQS About Selecting The Best Survival Walkie Talkie

Is it safe to buy a cheap walkie talkie for survival?

The best walkie talkie for survival must have all the essential accessories and even extra functionalities to ensure safety. So, as a rule, the higher the price, the better a walkie talkie is for survival.

Nevertheless, you should not only buy an expensive walkie talkie without checking if the features are great. In all, checking the components is more important than checking the price.

Where can I get walkie talkies?

Most online stores sell two-way radios (walkie talkies). You can also get it from local stores. You can ask around to find out where you can buy it locally.

Final Thoughts

We have checked out the best walkie talkie for survival. The truth is that there are so many long-range two-way radios in different online stores, and to help you find a good radio that suits your needs; we have discussed what you need to look out for.

I have discovered that the Retevis walkie talkie is excellent in dangerous situations. For me, the flexibility and pocket-sized nature make it outstanding in emergencies.

However, after several kinds of research, most users often prefer the Arcshell walkie talkie even though it is costlier.

Whatever choice you make, remember to keep yourself safe!

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