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Best Walkie Talkie For 5 Year Old Boys|Girls


Kids love walkie talkies for two significant reasons: glowing color makes them classy and the structure makes them look like a toy. However, they are more than toys: You can use the best walkie talkie for a 5-year-old for keeping tabs on your kid who may be far away from you.

They fit perfectly in the delicate hands of your infant, and they make great holiday gifts as well. As kids, most grownups have learned quite a lot when using two-way radios.

The best walkie talkie for girls can keep them safe from insecure strangers, while the best walkie talkie for boys can keep them safe from bullies.

Although some walkie talkie products have remained stable in the world today, some walkie talkies are breaking the boundaries of the old system.

The best walkie talkie for kids is not only for your kids and their friends but for their memories. And the device is also for his adventure.

It would help if you did not take the safety of your children for granted. Walkie talkies assure nursing mothers that their children are fine, especially when they are at work or during camping holidays.

This is why getting a two-way radio (walkie talkie) for kids is a useful and relaxed way for children to develop their outdoor prowess and interpersonal skills.

Below, you will find the five best walkie talkies for kids. This list is based on research and personal use.

Top 5 Best Walkie Talkie for 5-year-old [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

1. Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids – Best Overall

The Retevis RT628 walkie talkie carries different functions with ease. It is an ideal choice if you want a complete package for your kids’ fun and entertainment. It is manufactured for kids from 5 months.

The device is easy to operate, and it is suitable for nursing mothers who want to keep track of their children while playing with friends outside.

You don’t have to worry about the child changing the channel unknowingly. The device makes use of a hands-free feature where you can select the preferred channel, lock the keypad and attach the device to the child with a belt clip.

You can easily adjust the Retevis walkie-talkie volume, and the sound is enhanced with VOX function making it audible without using a headset or holding it.

The design is one useful feature which your child would love making it fantastic for a holiday gift.

There 22 pre-installed channels, and you can select any suitable and exact frequency to connect with. The Press To Talk (PTT) function makes communication easy to start with just the touch of a button. The LCD shows battery life and other vital information.

Retevis walkie talkie for kids is an excellent option for many nursing mothers. The operating range is not essential for them as long as they can monitor their kids with ease.


  • Great design
  • Easy to operate
  • Very audible


  • The small operating range, which is not a problem for indoor use

2. Qniglo Walkie Talkies for Kids Rechargeable, 2 Pack Kids Walkie Talkie – Best Rechargeable Walkie Talkie

If you want your kids to have fun with their walkie talkie, you must consider the battery options. With an easy-to-charge walkie talkie, the excitement will never stop.

The QNIGLO rechargeable walkie talkie adds a good battery option to its beautiful design, making it one of the best walkie talkies for 5-year-olds.

It was manufactured for kids from three years old. However, what will initially attract your child to it is the beautiful camo design; it is an excellent walkie-talkie for boys, the adventurous type.

It comes with 22 channels that can cover up to three miles of area. Therefore, when it is time for camping, picnic, hiking, or even birthday parties, this walkie talkie is best for communication.

With the USB charging port, all you need to do is carry a power bank or use a car charger to power the device for continuous excitement.

The Li-ion battery has a 1200mAh capacity and would last for five days on standby. For fun and flexibility, this is better than AA or AAA batteries. The sound quality is enhanced with VOX functions, and it is also easy to use.

A good battery makes walkie talkie for kids remarkable. Therefore, this can be a good gift for your child.


  • Longer battery life
  • Wonderful camo design
  • Audible sounds


  • It is costly, but the features are fantastic as well

3. Walkie Talkies for Kids Rechargeable, Xmas Birthday Gifts for Kids, Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys and Girls – Best Long Range

When you are going out shopping, hunting, camping, biking, or any outdoor activities, you will communicate better with an excellent long-range walkie talkie for kids. FAYOGOO walkie talkie for kids is your best selection.

The FAYOGOO walkie talkie has an operating range of five miles. It is suitable for monitoring your toddler as well as a teenager when you are out having fun. The design is attractive, and you consider it a good Christmas or birthday gift for your child.

The knob switch that comes with this walkie talkie is unique, and it makes it easy for children to change the volume and use the auto-squelch function to enhance the quality of signals transmitted or received.

The body parts are sturdy and fit well into your kids’ delicate hands. With the belt clip, you can easily attach the device to your toddler or fix it on your teenager’s backpack.

With an LCD, you will be able to see the battery power at night. Also, at night, the flashlight will be handy for safety.

Being a good walkie talkie for outdoor activities, the FAYOGOO walkie talkie has both a rechargeable Li-ion battery and three AA batterie.

Most parents love to get this walkie talkie for kids because they can use it themselves.


  • Good battery options
  • Longer operating range
  • Great design attachments


  • It is a little too costly for kids

4. Selieve Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Girls, Walkie Talkies for Kids – Best Designed

A beautifully designed walkie talkie makes a fantastic toy for your child. Without the design, it would not inspire most children to use it, while some will eventually destroy it. Selieve toy walkie-talkie is more than just a toy, but the design makes it outstanding.

Its great price and colorful design should not mislead you into thinking it is just a toy. This walkie talkie has an operating range of three miles, and it was manufactured for children from three years old.

Being lightweight, it serves as an ideal walkie talkie for girls. It would be best if you considered offering it as a gift.

It is made with colorful plastic designs, and its ergonomic design makes it fit nicely into your child’s hands.

Selieve walkie talkies for kids come with 22 channels, which are enhanced with an anti-interference feature to stop background voices.

There is a flashlight on top of the colorful walkie talkie, and it also comes with a belt clip that will help you use it without holding it.

Selieve toy might be colorful, but it wouldn’t stop you from communicating effectively with your child during outdoor activities.


  • It has a great design
  • it is cost-effective
  • lightweight and easy to carry about


  • The operations can be a little complex for little kids

5. Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys, Outdoor Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids Boys Girls – Best for Budget

You don’t need to buy an expensive walkie talkie for your child before he/she can be happy and have fun. If it can meet the requirements and remain cost-effective, it is the best walkie talkie for your kids.

Joyfun walkie talkie is the ideal device that maintains a reasonable price range. It comes with 22 channels and keeps a valid two miles operating range so that you can monitor your child closely.

This means that it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

It is small and easy to carry about. With an ergonomic design, it can hardly slip off the hands of your child.

Since it was manufactured for three-year-old kids and above, the belt clip makes it easy to use hands-free.

Joyfun walkie talkie is durable, and the sound quality is clear and audible with the auto-squelch feature that stops all other noise coming from the background. The transmitter and receiver are also very sensitive to every radio signal.

Being small and well-designed, it can serve as your next birthday gift. The 22 channel device also comes with a user manual, and you can quickly learn all you need to about how to use the device.


  • It is cost-effective and easy to use
  • A moderate operating range suitable for kids’ indoor and outdoor games
  • It is well designed


  • Poor battery life. You will need more AAA batteries to carry along.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Selecting The Best Walkie Talkie For Your 5 Years Old Child

Without a doubt, kids’ walkie talkies are designed specifically for kids. This is why they can serve as useful toys or beautiful gifts. However, this should not, in any way, reduce their capacity. The primary purpose is still to maintain communication.

A long-range walkie-talkie for kids is often portable and fun to carry around. It should be straightforward to use and still contain almost the same feature as the usual two-way radio. One significant difference between kids’ walkie talkies and adults is the bright colors that make them attractive.

Much emphasis is not placed on the range of two-way radios for kids. The distance coverage of most kiddies’ walkie-talkies is always small, but adults can still use others.

Essential parts of a two-way radio

Receiver: This is always used to transmit and detect radio waves.

Monitor: This will assist you in changing the setting of the walkie talkie to monitoring mode. This way, you will use the device to monitor your child’s movement or listen to everything he/she says

Other essential features include:

  • Speaker
  • Press To Talk Key
  • Turn on/off key
  • Up/Down volume controls
  • LED

You must understand that a two-way radio has three different categories. These are:

Hands-free walkie talkie: with this type of kids’ walkie talkies, you can communicate with your child without worrying if the child will change your settings. The hands-free walkie-talkies are connected, but the one for your child will be touchless. It is a suitable device for monitoring your kids.

Hand-held walkie talkie: You can use this type of walkie talkie with an older child. Each of the hand-held devices is connected, and communication is easill=y established by pressing a key on the device.

Multiple hand-helds walkie talkie: this walkie talkie is suitable for groups or a big family. You will not only connect with your child but with other members of the family. Also, kids can have fun with it while running around in groups.

Features of the best long-range walkie talkie for kids

It is wrong to think that getting the best walkie talkie for kids is easy because it is just a toy. First and foremost, it might look like a toy, but you need it for communication.

Secondly, there are so many long-range walkie talkies in most online stores that it is actually challenging to get the best to suit your needs. Therefore, to get the best two-way radio, you must consider the following:

Ease of use

It is best not to buy a complicated device. Some walkie talkies require basic technical knowledge before you can use them efficiently; if you are purchasing a walkie talkie for your child, you should avoid this type of device.

A good walkie talkie should not include the sophistication that comes with many mobile phones. Therefore, please keep it simple for your child by picking a walkie talkie with designs and structures that are easy for the child to decipher.

With a simple walkie-talkie, your child will be able to learn the basics of communication, which is often made complicated with a mobile phone.


It is easy to drop a phone on the floor just as it is for walkie-talkies, especially when the child is involved in so many adventurous plays.

Sometimes, you can’t stop the walkie talkie from touching water no matter how much you try. Therefore, it is imperative to have a device that is water or dust resistant.

The best walkie talkie for kids should have a great design with waterproof qualities.

You know how much your child loves to play carelessly with toys. Regardless of your restrictions, they still manhandle their things recklessly.

Therefore, you don’t only need a waterproof long range walkie talkie. You need the ones made with unbreakable yet flexible materials.


A good walkie talkie should be able to keep in communication even while you are two miles away. Before buying a walkie talkie, understand the distance you will always keep with your child.

If you are using the walkie talkie for outdoor activities, you will need a long-range two-way radio. It would help if you understood that most kids play around with their walkie talkies and try to talk with each other when they are very far apart.

Therefore, please find out the distance coverage of the walkie talkie you want it.


If you are spending a lot of time camping or skiing within tall landscapes, you must consider your walkie talkie’s charging abilities.

A walkie talkie’s power affects the radio waves being transmitted or received, which means that a low battery can cause static noises or breaks in communication.

Therefore, find out how you will charge your rechargeable walkie talkie; if it uses a USB charger or solar power.

Since your children love having fun with their toys, it is best to buy a walkie talkie with good battery life. Most Li-ion batteries will continue to work for up to ten hours, and they are more durable than AAA batteries.


The only way you can present a walkie talkie to a child as a gift is to make sure that it is beautiful. The best walkie talkie for girls should be as colorful as a doll, while boys’ best walkie talkie should be as sleek as superman.

Walkie talkies for kids should inspire excitement and play, and therefore, you should get a walkie talkie with more fun features. It should avoid buying a heavy two-way radio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the number of users limited in walkie talkie for kids?

In theory, there is no limit to the number of people that can communicate together with a walkie talkie. The same goes for children.

However, the broadcasting frequency can be a problem for kids’ walkie talkies. Generally, walkie talkies for children make use of Family Radio Services (FRS frequency).

FRS frequencies do not use registered frequency, and so most radios use different FRS channels. So many kids can only communicate if they use the same FRS frequency.

What is the difference between an expensive walkie talkie and a cheap one since the frequency is the same?

Technology is one main difference between a $20 radio and a $100 radio. But, technology is not so crucial for children’s walkie talkies.

The sophisticated and technical details are not required because what is more important is fun and communication.

For instance, walkie talkie for kids does not need long battery life and a more comprehensive operating range because these things may even hinder the excitement your kids want.

Therefore, you don’t have to break the bank to get a walkie talkie for 5-year-olds. As long as the design is colorful and the coverage range is reasonable with an easy charge of the battery, you can get them for your child.

Is it safe for kids to use walkie talkies without the presence of their parents?

You might want to teach your child a little about private communications for safety purposes. This is the difference between FRS and GMRS radio.

While communications with the former are open and can be picked up by dangerous outsiders, with the latter, you can communicate privately with the right type of people you want to communicate with.

The problem with public FRS channels is that it is open and cannot predict the type of persons listening to essential messages you send to or receive from your child.

Unfortunately, most walkie talkie for kids makes use of these open-end FRS radios.

For safety, teach your child some basic knowledge of how to send messages in emergencies.

More importantly, understand that walkie talkies for kids do not emphasize long distances because it is still crucial for you to watch over your kids closely.

Therefore, no matter how wide the device’s operating range is, it is essential that you physically monitor your children.

Final Thoughts On Selecting The Best Walkie Talkie For Your 5 Year Old

You will get great walkie talkies for kids at online stores. However, I have discovered that most mothers prefer Retevis walkie talkie. Of course, the design is incredible, and it comes in four different colors, but its flexibility is very much appreciated.

Being sleek, easy to use, and sturdy, most parents often use it themselves as it can function as an adult walkie talkie. In addition to this, the Retevis walkie talkie comes with a user manual that explains all the basics for not only this device but all Retevis walkie talkies.

Qniglo Rechargeable walkie talkie is one that excels in design. Having used it before, I realized that most kids are quickly drawn to it. For me, it is a good walkie talkie for girls. Apart from the design, You can recharge it quickly with any USB port available.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you remembered what is essential when picking any walkie talkie for kids: communication and fun. As long as it makes your child happy, you have chosen the best walkie talkie for kids.

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