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Best Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Families


Are you a family oriented person and are looking to get a rechargeable walkie talkie that was designed for family use? If yes, you are definitely on the right page. There are several rechargeable walkie talkies designed basically for families and the availability of several choices might make it quite difficult for you to get the right product.  Well, the fact that you are on the right page means you do not have to know the best rechargeable walkie talkie for families before attempting to get one. You simply need to rely on the tips that are contained in this article. 

We know that getting the right walkie talkie can be a bit of a challenge for lots of people. So, we have put together everything you need to know when buying a rechargeable walkie talkie for families. This article includes FAQs, buyer’s guides, and the best rechargeable walkie talkies you should consider when buying a walkie talkie.

It does not really matter why you need a walkie talkie for your family, camping, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. We have got you covered. All you have to do is read on.

Best Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Families

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Families

The many walkie talkies targeted at families come with various features. Some of these features are really catchy. Others might not seem so catchy. The fact is the many features that come with various walkie talkies are important to various people. What you consider important might not seem so important to another person. Nonetheless, there are certain features that will be of importance to everyone that is looking to buy a walkie talkie. These are some of the factors you have to consider when shopping for a walkie talkie for families.

Below are some of these factors

Consider Channel Number

The many walkie talkies in the market were designed to come with various channel numbers.  The more the number of channels that a walkie talkie comes with, the more flexible it is.  The most preferred walkie talkies are known to come with up to 22 channels. Going by this, if you must get the best out of the use of a walkie talkie, you might want to be on the lookout for one that comes with up to 22 channels.  While a walkie talkie that comes with 22 channels will be generally co sided better than one that comes with fewer channels, you can still get very good value for your money when you make use of a walkie talkie even if does not come with up to 22 channels. 

Additionally, you must keep in mind that walkie talkies with a lot of channels are more expensive than those that do not come with as many channels. 

Absolute Coverage

To get the best from a walkie talkie regardless of where you get it, you have to know what coverage it brings to the table. You do not need to make an effort to do this; the coverage of a walkie talkie set is easy to spot. You simply need to take a look at its body or manual. This feature is of utmost importance and it will give you an idea of how far away you can be from a family member and still have proper communication. 

The coverage ability of a walkie talkie differs based on the terrain. This means its coverage in a closed space will be different from its coverage in an open space. The reason for this is in a closed space, there will be obstructions which it has to pass through. The same, however, cannot be said of an open space 

Number in a Pack

Every walkie talkie comes in a pack and each pack is usually made up of a certain number of walkie talkies. The average walkie talkie is expected to come with at least two walkie talkies or three in a pack. While this might be considered a norm, you do not have to settle for a walkie talkie that has just 2 or 3 in a pack. 

The number of walkie talkies you need is a lot dependent on the number of people that will be staying in communication with it. The implication of this is the number of people in your family is a strong determinant of the number of walkie talkies you should settle for.  If you have quite a number of kids, you will need to settle for a walkie talkie that comes with quite a number of sets in one pack. 

Battery Life

It will be impossible to consider the various features of a walkie talkie without considering how long its battery will last. Since your aim is to get a walkie talkie with rechargeable batteries, you will have to consider the longevity of its batteries before buying it. This is important to avoid running out of battery charge in the middle of a conversation with someone in your family.

Flashlight Features

This will not be important if you have no plans of using the walkie talkie outdoors or at night. However, if you will be making use of this walkie talkie at night and outdoors too, you will need to consider the flashlight feature. While considering an LED flashlight, you will need to also give some attention to the LCD backlight. 

Best Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Families

Best Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Families

Below are the best rechargeable walkie talkies for families that have been tested, trusted and recommended by experts, they include;

1. Rechargeable Walkie Talkies 4 Pack Long Range Walkie Talkies for Adults

This device is a two-way radio and was designed to cover a long distance. It comes with an earpiece and a mic set. This makes it ideal for use in very noisy environments. When you make use of this product, you do not have to worry about it running out of battery too quickly as it comes with a 4500mAh battery. This product is advanced and comes with lots of features that make it stand out from the average rechargeable walkie talkie on the market.


  • It features advanced hardware
  • It measures 10.24 by 9.69 by 2.76 inches
  • It weighs 2.38 pounds


  • It comes with several amazing features
  • It has a durable battery
  • It has a good range


  • It is quite expensive

Verdict: This is a great product for anyone that is looking to enjoy amazing features when using a walkie talkie.

2. Greaval Rechargeable Walkie Talkies Long Range for Adults with Earpieces

This walkie talkie comes with 16 channels and a set of earpieces. You do not need to have spent a lot of time using a walkie talkie before you are able to use this. It is not associated with any complications and is really user friendly. Its battery lasts for up to 20 hours. This means you do not always have to look for a source of electricity to constantly charge it. 


  • It weighs 5.6 ounces
  • It measures 9.37 by 6.85 by 4.35 inches


  • It is waterproof
  • It can be used easily
  • It is durable
  • It has good battery life.


  • It is pricey

Verdict: Although this device comes with several features, there are no difficulties associated with using it. 

3. Qniglo Walkie Talkies for Adults Rechargeable, 4 Pack Kids Walkie Talkies

From the name of this walkie talkie, it is easy to tell it was designed majorly for family use. It features 22 channels and has a range of 3 km. When you buy this product, you will receive an AC adapter, a USB Cable, and AAA rechargeable batteries. It is made from very safe and durable materials. So, you will not need to worry about it causing your kids any harm while being used. 


  • It weighs 2.08 ounces
  • It measures 9.45 by 9.17 by 2.91 inches.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is portable
  • It is durable


  • It was designed more with kids in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Least Age a Child can be Before Using a Walkie Talkie?

So long as a child is up to the age of three, they can begin making use of a walkie talkie. In as much as children of age 3 can use walkie talkies, most walkie talkies were designed for children that are at least 4 years old. 

What Distance Can Walkie Talkies Cover

The actual distance that a walkie talkie can cover is hugely dependent on the situation you are in. If you are in an open area, a walkie talkie can cover as much as 3 to 6 miles. On the other hand, if you are in a building, its range can reduce significantly. 

What is the Process of Syncing two Different Walkie Talkies?

Syncing two walkie talkies is not really a hectic process. It is something that virtually anyone can do. To do this, simply place a call and ensure that the two devices are in the same channel. 

Can Two Different Walkie Talkies from Different Brands be Used Together?

Yes, so long as you are on the same communication channel, two walkie talkies from different brands can always be used to communicate. 

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