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Baofeng UV 82HP Review (Specs, Features & Programming Mods)


When you hear about Baofeng products, one thing comes to mind – their ruggedness. Baofeng is notable for manufacturing sturdy walkie-talkies that can withstand beatings and rough handling. Over the years, they have never failed in this aspect, and they have continued to make improvements regarding their products on a regular.

If you are an amateur or a beginner and are looking for a two-way handheld radio for communication, this is the product. This device isn’t sophisticated, and you can learn everything about the control the moment it’s in your hands. You can even learn it better, all thanks to the user manual guide.

In this BaoFeng UV-82 High Power we shall discuss this product and why it’s the perfect handheld radio for amateurs. So let’s not hesitate further and get on with it.

Baofeng UV-82HP is the second generation model of the famous UV-82 series from the manufacturer and an upgrade to the UV-5R model. The “HP” stands for Handheld Portable, which justifies the portability of the device. This two-way walkie-talkie comes with all the features that will make communication easier and more fun. It’s easy to use, and the set-up is not sophisticated at all. This was what Baofeng wanted in the first place. They wanted to make a two-way radio that even a toddler could operate. They achieved their goal with the UV-82HP.

Baofeng UV-82HP Design

The two-way handheld radio is stylish in its own way, but not different from a sturdy or rugged walkie-talkie. Looking at the aesthetic design, one would almost assume that it’s heavy, but it’s not. It’s portable, can be easily transported, and can easily be tucked in the pocket. It’s smaller and thinner than its predecessors, weighing about 14.4 oz.

You will find the antenna on the top-right side of the device, the PTT or Push-to-Talk button on the radio’s top-left side, the Baofeng inscription directly below the antenna, volume keys and tuner by the right and left of the radio respectively. The display is not the best that you have seen, but it’s big and bold enough to read the commands.

Baofeng UV-82HP Performance

Baofeng UV-82HP performs exceedingly well in all ramifications. Let’s start with the power consumption – The two-way radio comes with an 1800 mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, it can power the device for more than 12 hours, depending on usage. You can tune the power to a maximum of 7 watts for more distance coverage and transmission.

Baofeng UV-82HP Range

To be honest, the range is the most critical factor to consider when selecting a two-way radio. In obstructed or optimal conditions, you can get a transmission range of up to 50 miles. A user can experience static noise in the background. That is why you should set the maximum power output to the highest to cover this range. This will eliminate any static signals to a great extent.

Like we have stated, you can set the power to about 8 watts to give you better transmission coverage. The higher the power output, the clearer the transmission.

Still, on the range, the antenna in this walkie-talkie will give you an average reception in the frequency of 136 – 174 on VHF and 400 – 520.99 on UHF. It also has a narrow band at 12.5 kHz to wideband at 25 kHz.

Baofeng UV-82HP Speakers

Baofeng did a nice job in this aspect. The speaker in this device is clear and loud. This is due to the output power. Thanks to this, you won’t have any issue receiving clear signals or communicating clearly in windy periods.

Since the speaker puts out a decent performance, the receiver is also good. Sometimes, the speaker might be clear, but the position of the antenna might jeopardize reception. For example, holding the radio vertically while making a call will give you an improved signal for a better reception than keeping it horizontally. That is to say that the position of the antenna affects the reception.

Baofeng UV-82HP Programming and Set-Up

As far as this walkie-talkie is concerned, you have to set it up before use. You will need to manually set it up, set some functions in the walkie-talkie manually, or use a computer with the appropriate cable for it. Programming with software is quite easy and better than manually setting it up yourself. Manually setting it up will require some level of expertise, which the user might not have.

Since you have the English manual by your side, it would be relatively more comfortable to do yourself, which is using a computer to program the radio. The manual will walk you through on how to set up your device. There might be some errors and massive differences in translations because the manual was initially written in Chinese before getting translated into English.

So you need to be patient to understand it properly if yours is full of translation errors. However, not everyone is tech-savvy. If you are in that category, you need to contact a capable hand to program your radio.

This radio uses the latest Baofeng UV-82HP programming software that is compatible with CHIRP. What this means is that you won’t have a problem using the computer to program your radio. CHIRP is open-source programming software that will configure your two-way radio. Simply download the software to your PC and boot the CHIRP program. Connect the radio to the computer via a cable and follow the CHIRP instructions.

Baofeng UV-82HP Features

This handheld radio comes with all the features typical of a two-way radio plus other unique ones that will enhance your user experience. For instance, the PTT button can be seen on the top-left side of the radio. This is unique because other manufacturers usually have the PTT button located on the radio’s left or right side. The PTT button’s location at the top is a big plus and is beneficial to users with big hands.

Other features of this device are the built-in LED torchlight, FM radio, alarm mode, dual PTT headset, etc. Those who find it difficult to move in the dark will find the built-in LED flashlight helpful as it would help them navigate their way correctly.

Baofeng UV 82HP Review

If you are looking for an affordable, rugged two-way radio, you should look no further than the Baofeng UV-82HP.

Apart from the fact that it is unbelievably affordable, it’s well constructed to withstand falls and rough handling. If you are preparing for some extreme outdoor activities such as mountaineering, you will need a rugged two-way radio for communication like the Baofeng UV-82HP.

The chances of a communication device or radio falling off your pocket or bag are high while mountaineering, and that’s why you need a Baofeng. Not all two-way radios can survive repeatedly falls but trust this device always to survive.

Baofeng UV-82HP comes with a simple PTT button. The PTT button is another big plus for Baofeng and another reason why you should buy this radio. The PTT button’s location at the top instead of the sides is pure genius and could become a life-saver for users who would want to make emergency contact.

The button has a toggle, which can allow the user to communicate and transmit on Band A or Band B. To get to Band A, simply push the toggle up and if it’s Band B that you want to get to, simply press the bottom of the toggle.

This radio is dual-band with more transmission power output of up to 8 watts. Powering up the handheld radio is an 1800 mAh stock battery, but you can get an exclusive large capacity battery of 2000 mAh from Amazon. This means that you can never run out of juice all day, and you will continue to communicate. The battery can keep your device powered for 18 hours on 4 watts, 5 watts for 14 hours, and 8 watts for ten plus hours.

The pack includes the Baofeng device, rechargeable battery, V-85 antenna, belt clip, battery charger, power adaptor, earpiece, and manual user guide.


  • PTT Button – The device has a dedicated PTT button for emergency and one-time contact.
  • Narrow and Wide Frequency Range – The radio has a frequency of 136 – 174 on VHF and 400 – 520.99 on UHF, and a narrow band at 12.5 kHz to wideband at 25 kHz.
  • Wide Transmission Coverage – In an open or unobstructed area, you can communicate for up to 10 Kilometers and up to 5 Kilometers in an obstructed or windy area.
  • Small Display – The screen displays transmission range, frequency, and channel.
  • Has a V-85 Antenna – This antenna is used for better and clearer reception.


  • You get an unlimited 1-year warranty and customer care support. That means that should anything happen to your device that’s factory related you can contact the manufacturer.
  • The device can be set up manually, or computer programmed.
  • It has a low price tag.
  • The device has different power output settings from 1 watt to 8 watts, which is the highest.
  • They are ruggedly designed.
  • Has an excellent battery life.


  • It’s impossible to hear both Band A and Band B at the same time. That is because it’s a semi-duplex radio. You can either be on Band A or Band B.
  • No VOX feature.

Conclusion – Baofeng UV 82HP review

If you are looking for an upgrade to your existing walkie-talkie like the UV-5R, you should consider Baofeng UV-82HP. It’s an impressive two-way radio with a beautiful design and features to cater to your needs. The device is easy to set up, and as a beginner, you won’t have any issue trying to program it with a computer.

The range is good, and you can pretty much hear well on clear days. Although the radio still has room for improvement, it’s okay for the price. Looking at the performance, design, and features in Baofeng UV 82HP, the device could have easily been worth much more than the stated price. However, the Baofeng UV-82HP waterproof radio manages to stay within a low budget.

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